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Alain Galvan ๐ŸŒž @alain

Been working on a web backend with and Rocket.

Normally a Node.js + Express server has a 33 ms local latency and uses 660 mb of ram, so it was a really pleasant surprise to see the Rocket use only 2 mb of ram and have a 22 ms local latency.

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Add on top of that Rust's first class unit testing, doc generation with markdown, and best of all: focus on safety and you've got a really stable server. :)

@alain hell yes. I wrote a server from scratch (super basic) for an assignment for university. Suffice to say it was the best of all of them, stable, fast, caught *all* errors and propagated them to the right place.

@luke_nukem According to TechEmpower's Web Framework benchmarks, Rust is the lowest latency, but oddly enough performs around Node.js' level in throughput.

Used rust for 3 servers, one on my personal site for continuous integration, one for a standing desk, and now another for the backend of a business I thought up. was the best HTTP library out of the others I tried (Nickel, Iron). :D


Check out some of the JSON benchmarks to get a good idea of where things are standing. ;)

@alain that's cool! What's the business? I'm trying to stay away from using anything that requires nightly rust. So that means only stable or beta at most.

@luke_nukem An IOT business. There's a lot of venture capitalists interested in the IOT market, however products developed in this space suffer from the John Deer Effect: the idea that you don't own the product you paid for, you're licensing it. So the idea is to sell IOT devices, but they're open source and you can maintain them yourself or take them apart according to your needs.

@luke_nukem Recently my family bought a Nest security camera, which is basically just a backend with some facial recognition, and a mic/camera. Seems like a waste to pay x dollars a month to pay nest to maintain a closed source device when a dev can hook up open source tech to Amazon S3 for pennies.

Then there was the loonie idea of the Juicero Press, 120 Million dollars raised for a juice pressing device that's way too expensive and useless.

@alain Juicero was a masterpiece of engineering just to compress a full surface of liquid. But holy shit was the idea wrong! Any pre-schooler can tell you that the best way to squeeze a toothpaste-tube is from the end ๐Ÿ˜

What sort of business model are you working towards?

@luke_nukem A basic sales model, just placing orders and people can buy devices, and customize their orders through a React frontend. Users can pay us to maintain the device or do it themselves.

Using Braintree as a payments system, React for clientside rendering (I might add serverside to that with a node server in addition to the Rust API server). TypeScript as the main frontend language (I use it on, way better than babel/js imho).

@alain I despise the John Deer style of "rights". I want nothing more than to work on tech that has a meaningful impact on the world (or just some) after I graduate.

Yours sounds like a fantastic goal :)