Back on Mastodon to see if they lift in users has made it more engaging.

@traskjd Suspect it'd only be as engaging as the types of people you follow.
It'll take time to build your timeline to the point where it was on par with the birdsite. Guess it depends on what your expectations are in the meantime.

@PW Agreed. I tend to follow people I know, news sites I follow, and project accounts. Much of all three are not on here yet.

Pondering how to help improve that however.

@traskjd The biggest challenge any newcomer is going to face is credibility. People just using the site regularly will help that and I suspect if news sites see an engaged audience they'll jump in. That will probably help build that engagement cycle.
Projects will likely be FOSS for a while until other businesses recognise a benefit for curating FB, Tw and this place as well.
That's my reckons, anyway.


@traskjd I guess it depends on which measure. From a sheer uptake point of view, yeah probably. But it seems to have hit its straps as a safer, more inclusive community for minorities and people who just want to play nice, so from that point of view, I think it's been more of a success.

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