So, we have:

USB Type A
USB Type B
USB Mini
USB Micro
USB Type C

I feel like Type C should actually be called Type E and Mini / Micro should be C / D respectively.

@marco Do USB 3 B and micro count as different types too? They're still compatible with earlier B and micro, but they aren't backwards compatible

@MatStace Holy smokes, I forgot about USB 3 Micro but didn't realize USB 3 Type B was different than 2.0 Type B. What a crap shoot.

Type A = USB 1/2/3 Type A
Type B = USB 2 Type B
Type C = USB 2 Mini
Type D = USB 2 Micro
Type E = USB 3 Type B
Type F = USB 3 Micro
Type G = USB Type C

I think we've lost the meaning of "Universal" in USB.

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