@applebaps@anarchism.space I don't know if this counts exactly... but the whole thing that happened with 'women can't go to space because pee' and men, had to have their pee bags sized as 'extra-large, immense, and unbelievable, instead of 'small, medium, large', because they all insisted on using the large, when none of them needed it.

And then women come along and use what amounts to adult diapers and then the men switch too, because it was better.


@applebaps@anarchism.space Also! I would looovveee for your therapist to include things like the price differences for the same product, where women tend to get smaller, more expensive version of the same thing.

Also, jeans. GOD DAMN JEANS!


@applebaps@anarchism.space One more! I know this was a marketing 'joke', but someone seriously thought this was a good idea.

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