It isn't always better for the environment to buy food locally. How it was farmed and how it was imported matter too. Most of the carbon footprint of groceries is from how they were grown and not how they were transported.

If it's in season where you live, then locally grown is best. If it's out of season, you need to consider a more nuanced point of view.

@InvaderXan Lots of good comments in here. I'll add this: It's complicated.

Where we get our food, how we get our food... it's very hard to push it all down to what we defiantly should and should not do.

But, small thing most people can do: reduce your lawn size and don't rake leaves.

Grass, for lawns, is one the largest crops grown in the US. Replace it with native shrubs and bushes, set aside area for wild flowers. It uses less water and provides habitat. Same with the leaves. Leave them!

@KARiley40 @InvaderXan I'd love to kill my lawn and replace it with wildflowers and native plants.

However, if we don't rake it can cause flooding problems in our basement down the line.

@teslas_moustache @InvaderXan I'm doing the best I can to replace my lawn, but goodness, the upfront cost!

And that's okay you have to rake, because there's a bigger consequence for not. And like I said, nothing is a definite for everyone.

I find, the more options that exist and the easier we make those options, the more likely people are to do the right thing.

I try to do what I can where I can, and then do the best I can where I can't.

@KARiley40 @InvaderXan We did recently get a reel mower (mechanical one, doesn't use gas) and we throw down clover seeds for bees to take advantage of.

@teslas_moustache Ohh! Those are going to be pretty when they come in! I've been considering a mechanical mower. How is it? If you've used it.

@KARiley40 oh, it's fine. It's a little more physical work than a gas powered mower, but not as bad as Bart Simpson made it look. And you really have to get sticks out of the way or they WILL get jammed in there and stop you in your tracks. If the grass gets too tall, it'll be impossible to get everything with just the mower.

But yeah. Those are the main differences. I like it though.


@teslas_moustache Interesting. I might have to consider it. Thank you!

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