Once again, I'm back to using the 4B for figure drawing due to the Prismacolor Ebony pencils getting too short. In fact, almost every pencil I have is too short now, and the extenders are almost all broken.

I really need to invest in some 2mm lead holders. I only got the one and it *feels* great, but I only have HB lead. Gonna need one for 2Bs and one for 4Bs (plus the respective lead).

On the plus side, sketches are looking alright again. Probably a few more days of figure drawing will be enough to get back in form.

I really need to get back to learning Common Lisp, though. I kind of took a long break from it while I worked on the site generator and quite frankly I'd still like to learn enough of the language to make a brand new generator with it. Better to work on a language whose syntax I click with than one I merely tolerate, even if it ends up a bit slower.

@Aicaya From mucking with these things myself, I've come to believe that, unless you hit the 'generate' command a dozen times a session (which might be the case while you're building the generator itself or the templates, but if it happens during routine updates you have a problem that is not the speed of the generator itself), it's no big deal for a static site generator if it's not super fast.
Correct, or is there something that I'm missing?


@reinderdijkhuis Aye, that's correct, which is why language choice doesn't matter here much. Only reason I mentioned speed is because now that the scripts are stable I'd been optimizing them for both speed and ease of maintenance, so I still have that in mind.

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