Once again, I'm back to using the 4B for figure drawing due to the Prismacolor Ebony pencils getting too short. In fact, almost every pencil I have is too short now, and the extenders are almost all broken.

I really need to invest in some 2mm lead holders. I only got the one and it *feels* great, but I only have HB lead. Gonna need one for 2Bs and one for 4Bs (plus the respective lead).

On the plus side, sketches are looking alright again. Probably a few more days of figure drawing will be enough to get back in form.

I really need to get back to learning Common Lisp, though. I kind of took a long break from it while I worked on the site generator and quite frankly I'd still like to learn enough of the language to make a brand new generator with it. Better to work on a language whose syntax I click with than one I merely tolerate, even if it ends up a bit slower.


I'm happy with what I built, don't get me wrong, but shell scripting has always felt uncomfortable to me outside of tiny scripts. Only reason I wrote the site generator with it was the fact that it's what I'm most familiar with and I really wanted my site up quickly without having to learn another generator's template language.

Designing the overall flow of the program and figuring out how to implement it was fun. Figuring out how to use sed, awk, et al., however, was not.

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