Bon motivation es-tu là ?

Aller je commence à mettre en page mon petit livre photo sur les lions de l'atlas.

Le tout avec #Scribus et #Vim (pour le brouillon de la préface)

Ah ah j'allais commenter @thaega au sujet de #vim mais la réponse de @Alda est juste ce qu'il faut

#LOL #JeNAiJamais #cross


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Mit welchen Text-Editoren kann man schon beim Oeffnen von Dateien eine Zeilennummer mit angeben? Bei #vim geht das mit `vim datei +Zeilennummer`. Wie geht das bei #emacs #nano #gedit #atom und Konsorten?


Was a #vim user for the past three years. Finally back to #emacs. Dang! Have to retrain my muscles... But good to be back. Built-in everything you need to extend. No need to get a package manager that does the job right, first. 🙂

En fait, réutiliser les raccourcis clavier d'origine de #Firefox après avoir utilisé VimFx, ça donne l'impression de passer de #Vim à #Emacs ! 😃

#vim question: anyone know of a reasonable way to gx over several links in visual?

when you realize #vim can show #markdown syntax highlighting. 😯🤓👨‍💻💚🔥 mastodon.xyz/media/faga9688JvG

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@K_REY_C @eylul I respect you too much to start an editor war with you.


ealter/vim_turing_machine: An implementation of a Turing machine using only normal mode Vim commands github.com/ealter/vim_turing_m | lobste.rs/s/j0z53f #compsci #vim

Yet another #Vim cheat sheet. gist.github.com/schas002/be01c

To be able to quickly get to this cheat sheet, download it into the Vim playground folder and say `:o cheat`.

Is there a decent way to run #vim on Windows? I really like Vim, and don't really need a full VM for what I'm doing, but it seems like the Windows terminal just is not fond of Vim.

@bendia oui, j'utilise nano d'habitude ^__< parce-que #vim ...

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