> Not plugging the audio over the place, and there's no such thing as :wq in #Vim ?

#vim question: I am still learning, and haven't installed any plugins; is there a way to have vim tell me if I use a specific string, when saving?

For instance, I am trying to stop using the phrase, "I think". If I could get a reminder when I save that I used it, that would help me lots.

Ha! I just clicked on an email address from a website and for some reason mutt opened #nano rather than #vim.

I found myself staring at the screen, trying to recall how to get back to normal mode in nano... surely ctrl+x would lose the message...

Not bad for one week of vim so far.

VimGameCodeBreak.- Borrando código con estilo.

Seguro que habéis programado algo y que os han entrado ese picorcillo al notar que vuestro código no funcionaba. La verdad es que si esto pasa con un editor de código "amigable" imaginaros si estáis usando #vim ...


#TIL - How have I gone this long typing sudo $EDITOR $FILE without ever finding out that sudoedit $FILE is a thing?

#commandline #vim #linux

je viens de remapper les touches dans #vim pour #bépo
c'est un bon signe ?

I was born here in Canada. My parents are immigrants. Strangely enough Doom 1 just has the wad file in #vim is gg=G

There's one moment in my script workflow I absolutely dread: When my original draft leaves my text editor and ends up in a google doc.

While I'm glad we've managed to land on a collaborative tool everyone can use, I find it infuriating that gdocs doesn't support markdown, editing in vim, and all the other things I'm growing to consider "the way I work" on a daily basis.

That said, it's good to have us all working together. For that I'll suffer.

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I've started using #leanote as a note taking app since this morning for work. I admit I like it very well, with #markdown and a #vim mode :)
(I'm still using it as a local docker container, I don't think I'll put that on a remote server as I only take notes like this on my laptop and don't care about the blog feature of leanote)