@tomas what a weird decision: The #Commodore64 has !Microsoft basic (which leaves much to be desired),compared to the decent #Sinclair Basic

My #firstcomputer was a hand-built wire-wrapped board with a NIBBLE processor, a display modulator to the TV, and a separate power supply that was first calibrated with a multimeter.

After that I got a #Sinclair #ZX-81, then a #Commodore C64, an #Amiga 500, etc.

A list of my computing devices is at my website at gadgeteer.co.za/gadgets/comput

@profoundlynerdy #c64 #z80 #sinclair sold them all to collectors to feed my family :| . Mostly listen to slay radio and cry. I have a timex 16k module still, and a grip of eeproms.