Outfitted my laptop with a new sticker courtesy of Ben and the Racket Community.

Now to get a Guile sticker on there. 😁


@bea i'm okay with that. not like #scheme is hard to understand. the whole thing is weird and experimental in any case, if you can't handle learning a little lang

well, maybe you should stay inside your box for now

all compiled to #C so other bindings are possible in the future

this thing called #relax makes it easy to build and deploy #p2p applications. you literally have nothing to worry about outside of the app. relax is built on scary cutting-edge technologies that are supposed to make the whole backend thing obsolete.

i'm kind of copying google app engine, but for #p2p and with #native guis

all i have to do now is settle in and write a lot of #scheme

i need to get really good at this shit so i can do it all day

#clojure #scheme

My parents watched my presentation on .

Mom said that she learned that there was a lot of foo, a lot of bar, and a lot of ducks.

I think she finally understands programming.

you could make some nice syntax extensions and have a jsx-like way to compose components

and compile it to #C

#react but better


Uncle Bob talks about functional programming and why it is so important to pick up a functional language (He's hot on , but I'm playing with ; partly because I don't have much use for the JVM).


Reminder that tonight is our monthly Michigan!/usr/group meeting. I'll be talking about tonight.

Learn more at mug.org/

(We'll also be streaming live via Google Hangouts.)

Hope to see you there!

@davidpgil @cwebber I've been using "Realm of Racket" and (surprisingly enough) the Guile documentation as my launchpad. The Guile docs have a "Hello Scheme" section that is pretty quick and concise.

I've yet to make it through SICP and I found The Little Schemer painful to read.

YMMV of course. :)