So this is the kind of person I am now… #scheme #hack loutre.info/media/bSU62bmbk5Vp

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So I have been inspired by A.K. Dewndney's Armchair Universe article on the mandelbrod set again and wrote a #chicken #scheme renderer and one in C. Execution times for chicken are surprisingly bad though: 1m25s vs. 5s in C..

This will be an excellent opportunity to try the new chicken 5 branch and get down to optimising for speed which I have never had the need to do before.

Reading the chapter in "Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks" about and realizing that learning was not only a good thing but is like learning the master key to understanding the universe.

I thought the platitudes about learning Lisp were just hyperbole, but it seriously contains a lot of computer science mindshare.

#Scheme is like a ball of snow. You can add any amount of snow to it and it still looks like a ball of snow. Moreover, snow is cleaner than mud.

-- Marc Feeley

Today in the morning I read about how continuations can be used to implement coroutines

I understood !

I have been trying or years !


This sample chapter explains the "jump" given by a continuation in the most clear terms. It's the clearest exposition I've ever run into


I wonder about the rest of the book


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@Azure You want to know why I use #python instead of #scheme for my practical things?

So its easier for me to write HORRIBLE SNARLY HACKS like this: paste.debian.net/978007/

...and then stuff the result into publication-quality-ish grade plots.