GObject and #rust-lang experts, I've started adding support for GObject signals to the gnome-class generator:

Email thread with questions: mail.gnome.org/archives/rust-l

Started implementing GObject signals in gnome-class #rust-lang


Unfortunately, I looked at the tensorflow bindings for #Rust, realised it was FAR FAR FAR beyond where I'm at with Rust, and subjected myself to doing Python again.

GSoC Project: Making Redox Self-hosting, Status Report 4 - Redox - Your Next(Gen) OS redox-os.org/news/gsoc-self-ho #rust

Creator of #Rust Graydon Hoare writes about what's next for language technology after memory safety: graydon2.dreamwidth.org/253769

Does #Rust have a gcc implementation the way that !DLang (gdc) and #Go (gcc-go) do? Or are rusticrucians not interested in creating one?

Jesus my #rust code might need optimising. It's using 32GB of Virtual Memory, not quite sure what for yet.

Maybe I should've chunked the data. Maybe I should learn how to do that.

boredom turned to writing #Rust :')

My first 'real' program in it is around 300 lines and I still enjoy writing it? If it wasn't for the debugger I would've thrown it out a window, but careful nudges like
"Do you mean &var, not var?" were perfect.

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PSA: The #rust compiler recognizes a greek question mark and prints out a helpful hint saying "this looks like a semicolon but it's not".

I love this language.

My biggest frustration with #rust is that I don't get to work with it often enough, so every time I get back to it again I forget silly things like "where do I put `mut` when I need to pass a mutable reference into a function".

RT @heinz_gies: Dear @rustlang friends, What’s the go-to testing framework for #rust to use? I don’t want to start out just to change it la… source: twitter.com/rustlang/status/89

Spend today using #Rust and I LOVE IT.

I feel like I've accomplished things I found almost impossible in other languages to get my head around.

I used a class based language, I built structures, I implemented functions onto those structures.

I even started some functional bits that I really struggled with in Haskell.