Looks like the size overhead is significant. A "Hello World!" #WebAssembly module written in #Rust is 92.5 KB, while the runtime is 186 KB 😮

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RT @_manpat: Managed to get the client running in a browser on my phone to connect to the server running on my laptop, all written in #rust… source: twitter.com/rustlang/status/87

RT @polyconfhq: At #PolyConf 17 Armin Ronacher @mitsuhiko from @getsentry will be presenting: #Rust at Sentry cc @rustlang… source: twitter.com/rustlang/status/87

#Diesel (a #rust ORM-type thingy) is a really cool library - you specify a schema using a very nice DSL that doesn't require any out-of-toolchain codegen (it's implemented using macros, so the compiler does the codegen for you), and then you have a really, really nice, totally typesafe abstraction over SQL.

It also manages migrations, though it doesn't generate them for you.

I'm currently using it with PostgreSQL, and I'm planning to Dockerize the whole bunch.

Technology almost doesn't suck sometimes!

Using #Rust's std::mem::swap : how can something so wrong feel so right


Why the hell does the compiler not see that this is legid? #rust #problems

Full disclosure: not my terminal magics, I'm using crates.io/crates/cursive which so far has been really nice, except for my lack of experience with event based systems. #rust

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Since I started coding in #Rust again, I’m like “Oh, wait, right, I can use `println` everywhere, there is no IO monad here.” The thing is, it does not feel right nonetheless.

Got my feet wet in #Rust + #OpenGL by writing Conway's Game of Life: github.com/lloydmeta/gol-rs

First time doing any kind of graphics work and I learnt a lot. The gfx-rs library was also a real pleasure to use.