Yesterday, my players in Stars Without Number #rpg took a long space walk on the outside of a spinning space station. This took some reading up on spinning space stations and centrifugal force, but I think in turned out pretty cool.


עוד סשן בחד"פ שאין לו סוף במשחק התפקידים "כוכבים אין־ספור". מסתבר שלהיות תלויים מהחלק החיצוני של תחנת חלל מסתובבת זאת חוויה מפחידה ולא נעימה בכלל.

Another session in the Never-Ending-Oneshot we're playing in Stars Without Number Number tabletop #rpg. Turns out hanging from the outer side of a spinning space station is a frightening and not-at-all pleasant experience...

#mastodon est pas aussi merveilleux qu'il en a l'air, déjà l'installation est plutôt lourde, j'ai abandonné mon espoir d'avoir une instance spéciale #jdr #jeuxderole #rpg

Pick letters from a grid to spell words and then blast monsters. The longer the word, the bigger the blast.

#Spellspire is a mashup of #RPG and word game.

Available for #Playstation Vita, #PS4, #Android, #iOS, #PC


Sometimes creativity is biting my ass about itself. Recently had a slew of great design ideas about some neat concepts for a Sci-Fi TRPG but I´m already working on one long and big conceptual design with Gates of Gehenna, and that isn´t even "publishable" or "near finished". Aaaargh!
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Anyone else here listen to mu-podcast.com/ ? Great resource for horror and pulp games. Likeable hosts and a great back catalogue of episodes.

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How to make a great sandbox adventure by stacking your unoriginal ideas!

#rpg #osr

Against The Wicked City: Scenario building: from cliche to complexity! - udan-adan.blogspot.co.il/2017/

Fort Triumph is an #indie fantasy tactics #RPG - if that sounds potentially awesome to you, check out their #Kickstarter and consider supporting it so that it actually happens! kickstarter.com/projects/fortt

So @DysonLogos is on Mastodon. Should we expect a #tabletop #rpg community invasion or maybe it has already happened?

I never played much, and for the last year or so - didn't play at all. But you cannot ignore this warm nostalgic feeling inside, can you? 🤓

@radix A brief run-down of Earthdawn's excellent non-Vancian spellcasting system:

Spells have both a level (Circle, in ED parlance) and a number of *threads* they require.

To cast a spell, a caster must first weave all the required threads (using the relevant skill). Except in the case of outstanding success, this is a one-thread-per-weaving-
action activity.

Once all the threads have been woven, the caster makes a *Spellcasting* check against the relevant def.

#rpg #tabletop

Didn't wanted to do anything today so I'm watching Sense8 while drawing my dear daughter-of-a-planet playing cards with the kind-of-robot from my WIP painting.
He was always winning and I suspected his creator gave him the capacity to see the probable futures, so I thought he was cheating. My character was something like 3 weeks old at that time, still trustful and happy.
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Have to say that the Fate Core RPG is the one that fits my brain the best.

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So, are there any other Call of Cthulhu players out there? That is the game I've spent the most time running. Love the system, have a half-done RPG in my head that takes a lot of inspiration from it.

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Alright! Finally posted my latest P&T dev log. Area effects, performance speedups, mobile improvements, mobile touch controls, map annotations, and White Plume Mountain.


P&T is my open source digital #tabletop #rpg system, implemented in #rustlang and #elmlang, and eventually to be made into native mobile apps.

The list of all of my posts is here: github.com/radix/pandt/release

#introduction Hello! I have decided to leap into the tooting game.

This is my person-account that I will likely use for almost everything. But I also have a Tabletop #RPG account (my main hobby) under the WeaponVSac instance.

I am not yet sure if two distinct accounts make sense (or if it is even practical), but for now I will keep both to see how this network goes.

@Canageek Well, I'm really new to #OSR so I really don't know what went on a few years back. I just came back to tabletop #rpg a year and a half ago, after almost twenty years away...

@Canageek > but after playing Pathfinder for a while, I really feel the need for lighter rules. I don't have the time for nightlong sessions, and battles that take two hours can take more than a session for my group. #OSR is perfect for me because of the simplicity and modularity. You take what you need for your game and disregard the rest. Perfect. I'm to old for balance and referencing the rulebook. 😎


What makes for a good adventure hook? Specifically, what makes for a good, concise hook/rumor?

Incidentally, guess who needs to write like 60 hooks for a set of tables?