#Pixelart of the day: three takes on The Little Red Hood by Genzo Himawaro, aka Heartless, aka hearteclipse.

[CW: nudity] for the last one.


Dark Souls - Tomb of the Giants by zedotagger

#PixelArt #Fantasy

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Pixel Black Heart Raiders by Joseph Manalaysay (SteelJoe)

#SciFi #Fantasy #PixelArt

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#Pixelart of the day: some zombies, by IGoRge.

I'm amazed at how much it says with so little pixels. The animations are especially impressive in that regard.

[CW: pixelly gore]


I had by surprise to introduce myself in front of almost a hundred people, so to calm down during the following presentations I tried to make some pixel art.
#MastoArt #PixelArt