@audiodude Maybe imagine someone you like/love just lightly tapping their foot or slowly swaying their hips to a beat, then slowly imagining what beat might be playing in the background? #music

last year around this time we (Maja Smrekar and her team) were finalizing a visual performance called "Requiem for the Future"


music i wrote for it is available here:

audio release was supported by patrons via #Patreon

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Made another mixtape, this covers 1981-1987. It's pretty varied, goth, synthpop, cabaret, punk, metal... Was fun putting that stuff together in a way that hopefully works :)

Side A
Side B

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Ecclesia: Witchfinding Metal of Doom

Avec le chanteur Deathcode Society ! C'est très bon


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It's funny how bands I liked in my teenage years (Barnaked Ladies?) have evolved and changed significantly, and continued to put out new material for years, but I haven't paid any attention. #music

continuing on the Pink Floyd topic, "Saucerful of Secrets" is the only album to include all five members of the band. They weren't together on all the tracks, mind you. Just one, my favourite: "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun."

My favorite element of #music is timbre. To me, more than melody or harmony, the texture of a sound makes all the difference. If it didn't matter, why would we have bothered to make effects pedals? In particular, I tend to really appreciate nearly any sort of distortion. Not autotune, though. Fuck that.

#TIL Pink Floyd got it's name from Blind Boy Fuller's Country Blues 1935-1940 album wherein blues historian Paul Oliver writes about Pink Anderson and Floyd Council as examplary of the Piedmont blues style. This style refers to a fingerpicking method that results in a ragtime-based rhythm. That style was notably used by Arlo Guthrie in "Alice's Resturaunt."
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Tonight in : Percy Grainger: Freedom As _____

In a series of specially commissioned performances utilising Grainger’s recently rebuilt free music ‘machines’ a group of artists and musicians offer their own multifaceted readings of Grainger’s ‘freedom’, inviting the audience to consider what the term might signify today.


after going on a big rant about David Gilmour ruining Pink Floyd, I commented that I might have liked it better if it was released under a different band name. Gilmour IS a great guitarist. I just now stumbled onto The Orb's "Metallic Spheres" which includes David Gilmour and Youth on bass and production. Not totally different than Gilmour-era Floyd, I have to say I rather like it. Props to @Admin for getting me to really give this the think it deserves.
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I'm now listening a big release (of 51 tracks) that I just bought, it's called "Retrospective" by Tim Rowe @timrowe - it has some really interesting effects on the mood and atmosphere in whatever space i'm in and whatever i'm (not) working on. it works on headphones too.

try it out timrowe.bandcamp.com/album/ret and name your price if you like it

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Found a few years old set of dictaphone recordings of covers, one takes, rough & raw, but here's one of them:

Dogs D'Amour - Heroin(e)


@laurenredhead Try searching hashtags like #composer #composing #mastomusic #music Or look at the 'whole known network' and add people who seem interesting