If you're thinking about distributing your music, I wrote up a review of the service I use (DistroKid).

You can get a discount through my referral link. #music #review


"The key thing which separates good singers from bad isn’t so much natural talent, but getting the training to use it in the right way.”


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Anti Cimex - Lost Mixes 7" / Box

Brazilian label Nada Nada Discos has a hoarde of stuff by Swedish #dbeat innovators Anti-Cimex on their Bandcamp. It's all $1000 to buy and they don't show them on their official store, so it must be just for listening, but hey, enjoy it. It's hard and fast and angry and that's what matters. Includes the so-called first dbeat song "Raped Ass" which is an analogy to the system, not a call to arms. I avoided them for a long time without knowing this and I wish I hadn't.

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Listening back to As Heard On Radio Soulwax episodes and it's a good time! I recommend you consider it yourself. Best part is most of them are radio rips so less copyright enforcement = they're on SoundCloud in their entirety!

Here's Part 4:

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I can't believe entire weeks go by when I don't listen to Prince's Dirty Mind

Prince, "Uptown"


(tho it's too bad that a song about not letting society tell you what to do is more than a little heteronormative)


NowPlaying Canopus 3 by #Serenity from Words untold & Dreams Unlived via #audacious !music

Just discovered an incredibly beautiful band:


Just listen to the first couple of tracks. Pure joy. Something about their music feels just so right to me.