🎶 Slayer - War Zone

..because it just popped up in my mind. Haven't listened to Slayer in a long time.
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Even after having played it completely for at least 8 times, Dark Tranquillity's 2017 album "Atoma" is still outstanding! 🤘

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#fluffymusic n°59 : Kreator - World War Now

Le dernier album de #Kreator est magnifique. (Il me rappelle un peu Khaos Legions...) C'est du #trash super énervé, rapide, qui tabasse, avec des riffs de malade !

The last Kreator album is awesome. It reminds me of Khaos Legions. This is some violent speed trash, featuring lots of anger, with amazing riffs !

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Hello, I don't think I've introduced myself yet ! I'm Fluffy ! Here's an accurate picture of what I look like [Not my drawing] : hoofboot.deviantart.com/art/PF
I'm genderfluid NB and bi (NB'n'B). I'm sure that #ACAB and kinda veganarchoqueer.
I'm a student in technology, runnin' Linux (have you ever considered installin' it ?), always overthinking things (xkcd.com/1016/ and xkcd.com/1592/), listening to #metal, but also other stuff. I like writing sometimes.

My toots are generally uninteresting, but sometimes you may find useful ones.

Evile is quite simply the best new wave of thrash metal bands I've heard. If you doubt this claim may I present Exhibit A.

Evile - Thrasher: