SDL2 port and co-maintainership by @come btw (I can tag him now that he just joined #Mastodon ;)).

Japan's masto.host counterpart seems to be m.to

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spooky.pizza/ is a linguistics-oriented instance and I wanna be there but I'm not comfortable with the idea of having more than one account yet *spins around on floor like Homer Simpson*

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Welcome, but I've gotta say something...
You could have found another instance of Mastodon while dotSocial was closed. Here's a list!

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I feel like the level of condescending dismissal towards #mastodon from the press is all the more reason to love it.

While I didn't bring up urxvt with tmux. Nice thing about #Mastodon is how it's bringing more people into entitled assholes.

@greenhx Por supuesto me refería a los "me gusta" (favoritos) de #mastodon y #gnusocial

Balance de los dos primeros días en #Mastodon 👍

Espero que esta red social siga creciendo y no se quede como un hype mas, promete mucho.

Promise me that when you leave #Mastodon you guys will tell me where you're going, unlike that time you all ditched me on MySpace.

@ntnsndr my sense is that folks initially brought with them centralist site assumptions - that you sign up for a monopoly that delivers the service, rather than thinking of the protocol and service provider as separable. So many of the early #instances were hobbyist training wheels that allowed folks to get their feet wet, but to scale #mastodon up we need to tighten up and build solid governance and operational structures...