2 semaines que je n'ai rien posté sur #Facebook !! Youhou !! Ma cure de #Mastodon suit son cours...

#avex #masatomatsuura #松浦勝人 #masatodon #mastodon t.co/n2VIm3YtmV

#avex #masatomatsuura #松浦勝人 #masatodon #mastodon t.co/n2VIm3YtmV

An interesting difference b/t the #UX of #Mastodon.social & social.coop (which is brand spanking new) is that #SocialCoop's #federatedtimeline has a much higher signal:noise ratio due to being less fully networked to the #Fediverse. #MastodonSocial's timeline is about 90% languages I don't know, while #SocialCoop is about 90% I do.

Be curious to see if a certain scale means we'll be connected to most of the Fediverse, or if our niche will insulate compared to Mastodon.social's role as a hub.

#Mastodon #WEBサービス #有名垢


Hello, world. Time to jump on the #mastodon bandwagon! I'm Chris, I live in California, employed by Caltech to design, deploy, maintain, and protect seismic monitoring stations supporting seismology research and earthquake early warning.
I never really got the hang of the birdsite 😂 but this seems cooler so going to give it a try!

@gaboratorium but perhaps you could work with some coders to create a theme for #, as @hannes2peer has with # for #?
@gaboratorium # looks the way it does because @gargron and other devs are fans of TweetDeck. The default UI is unlikely to change
@gaboratorium I saw your posts about the # user interface. Firstly, great to see designers keen to work with free code projects!

@my2k I never heard about Ello, nor heard anyone talking about it. I had to look more info about it. Heard of diaspora* ? I'm using, though no one is talking about it. I do love every inch of it, as a matter of speaking. Heard of Friendica ? Very small userbase, but it's there. I've visitor their room on #matrix I think open source can be perfect for communication software, even for small userbase. And I'm sure that Mastodon as well as GNU Social will grow.
#mastodon #gnusocial

Hey, new #archeology a new #NaturePaper argues that humans were in North America 100,000 years earlier than thought. But the kicker is their evidence. It's a #Mastodon. The bones of a #Mastodon arranged and worn in a way they say indicates humans. Woohooo, we've made it to Nature! Good job everyone.

Bon, je vous laisse avec @nitot et cette conférence.

Un bon lien à placer dans la conversation quand vous parlez des enjeux numériques qui font de Mastodon une plateforme aussi pertinente.
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Forgot how absolutely great this damn community is. #mastodon