L'ajout du tag #Mastalab sur la capture le superpose parfois au texte du toot. Ex : m.10qt.net/@julien/47984

Bonne soirée !

Installation de #mastalab

On va voir si le multicomptes est efficace 😊

@tschneider Bonjour !
Est-ce qu'on peut envisager, dans #Mastalab, l'intégration d'un filtre regex, comme sur l'interface Web ?

Je confime : dernière bêta de #Mastalab dispo et fonctionnalité de citation active !

Bravo @tschneider !


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Bonjour ! Autre petite idée pour #Mastalab : sur la liste des abonnés à son compte, ajouter le bouton d'abonnement/désabonnement.

Sur la liste de abonnements, permettre le désabonnement et indiquer si le compte nous suit.

Bonne journée !

@saper @MightyPork @eurasierboy They are, the next version of #Mastalab will have both display of your pinned toots and ability to add and remove pins from your own timeline. Quick and easy.

Ceci est un test de pouet programmé avec #Mastalab
(il est censé partir à 8h05)

@Maltimore @luricaun

Same. And a shame, because #Mastalab has the makings of a really good app.

Also, the "translate" icon has disappeared.

Does anyone else notice the behavior in #Mastalab sometimes once you open an image or enter a conversation, pretty much anything outside your "stream" and you want to go back it jumps back to the top (newest toots)?

That in particular is so annoying when you are reading posts from the day before and habe to scroll back to where you left off.

@luricaun Yep, I have exactly the same issue with #Mastalab. Very tiring. Also sometimes all posts have a "loading" sign that just keeps spinning despite you being connected to a very fast internet connection and all posts seem to be loaded.

So I now have a working pin toot, in the right place, just need to redo the thumb tack icon as it's a little too small currently. Then plug in code to unpin (check if a toot is pinned first, and vice versa). Still it's coming along and didn't crash the first time I tried it (;* #Mastalab

Je ne sais pas si c'est dû au passage de l'instance en 1.6.0, ou à la beta de #Mastalab, mais j'ai enfin les emojis dans les pseudonymes 👌

Right, almost time for the grandchildren to appear so that's quite enough messing about with #Mastalab for the day.

I just tried the Andorid client #Mastalab which is really nice. I noticed that the app has a feature to schedule toots which I can't find in the web interface. Is this a app specific feature?

I'm using #Mastalab instead of #Tusky for the moment because Tusky failed to toot a bit too often recently.

Liking the interface of Mastalab overall but why is it asking for confirmation every single time I fav a tooot?!

@tschneider ok j'ai teste #mastalab et je suis convaincu ! ;-)
Je vais abandonner le dev de #mouseapp ou peut-etre le laisser sur f-droid pour ceux qui ont un vieux smartphone.
Mais bravo pour #mastalab qui est bien fait !
Si j'ai des trucs a ajouter, je le ferai sur #mastalab :-)

The Paper theme for Android by @snwh and the Papirus team recently gets frequent updates with beautifully designed icons for my most obscure (but nevertheless favorite 😃) FLOSS apps. Supported apps include #KeePassDroid, #Tusky, #Mastalab, #Conversations, #Aard, #Wallabag, and many many more. Highly recommended. 😀
f-droid.org/packages/com.kn.pa #PaperTheme

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Вообще, несколько неудобно двумя аккаунтами пользоваться через #twidere. Значит пришло время попробовать #mastalab.