I bought #SuperTextMesh earlier this week and it's been absolutely stellar. Super fun and simple to get into.
I'm still getting my grips but it should make building this game at least a little faster !!
#unity #unity3D #gamedev

#gamedev #opengl Anyone wanna help me math good? Can't suss how to use glTranslate[...] to adapt to window resizing and keep a quad centered. I keep trying different math and grrrr

As the window gets wider, it drifts up/left; I've tried adding/subtracting texture center coord, multiplying/dividing by the x and y scale ratios relative to the original window size... result only gets worse :(

mastodon.xyz/media/4VSMdF4d1By mastodon.xyz/media/F2TOF2AedYG mastodon.xyz/media/wTFWxja4LxG

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Testando a @godotengine, Facilita bastante nossa vida, pra quem não conhece recomendo dar uma olhada #indiegame #indiedev #gamedev #game twitter.com/lincolncpp/status/

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#gamedev Generating random palettes. The reuslts are quite fine but I know I can do better palettes by tweaking a bit the thing.

(marked as NSFW because the color palette. Nothing that blinks like mad, it changes every 2 seconds but I don't know if it can trigger seizures)

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