While watching the boys this evening, I got to another milestone with this TypeScript-based library. It can handle Fate Accelerated (FAE) approach selection (1 +3, 2 +2, 2 +1) in a semi-intelligent manner.

It also has methods for "canImprove" so I can filter out branches if an approach can't be filtered and "isCreated" to know what to leave the interview section.

The game basically uses the first 10-15 decision points to gather up approaches, aspects, and the like.

Worked on my TypeScript library over my lunch break. Mostly on the dynamic layout (Fate is really flexible about approaches/skills, etc.) while trying to sketch out the concepts for stunts.

Since I'm focusing on a limited part this time, mainly I need approaches, aspects, and improving aspects to work before I get the next block working.

I'm trying to write a TypeScript module that does mechanics.

It's a fun exercise to see how to implement stunts and compels. More importantly, trying to get this working:

+2 to Forceful Attack an opponent on fire.