Bon, conseil de labo cet aprem. Je ne sais pas ce qui m'a pris, mais j'ai voulu prendre mes notes dans mon wiki (d'habitude, je fais pas ça)
Eh bien j'ai perdu environ 30 minutes de notes. Je ne sais pas ce qu'il s'est passé, mais j'ai les boules.

Ensuite j'ai continué ma prise de notes avec #emacs et #orgmode comme je faisais d'habitude. Mais pourquoi j'ai voulu changer ?
Ça me servira de leçon.

Thanks to Ruslan Bekenev, Josh Elsasser, William Gilbert, and Tak Kunihiro for assigning their #Emacs copyright to the FSF!

Actually used #PowerShell for realsies for the first time yesterday, to batch convert a directory full of Word documents to plain text.

Then used #emacs to convert nested lists in the documents to lines in a csv file.

I take it cl-lib doesn't include `format' ... *sigh* #emacs

Hey, anyone know if it's possible to restrict a buffer's size in #emacs? gnu-social-mode has the slight issue that eventually the buffer gets too big and emacs spins using 100% cpu.

I have Real Work™ to do, but flycheck has broken somehow and it's driving me a little bit nuts... #emacs

@tandy @adw I give #emacs a try every time Richard Stallman comes to town

mastodon.el v0.7.0 has been tagged and pushed to MELPA-stable. It's been in master since yesterday afternoon. The latest stable build will be available no later than 2 hours from now.

Like I said before, @alexjgriffith and @h_d deserve all the credit for this release.


Haha, when you start a new repo in Magit it says "In the beginning there was darkness" #emacs

The big mastodon.el refactor is in develop. Big shoutouts to @alexjgriffith and @h_d for all of their hard work. Expect v0.7.0 by the end of today.

This big bottleneck should allow us to add notifications, favourites, and profiles rather quickly.


#screenshot of my #i3wm #desktop with #emacs


#is-that-enough-hashtags? probably. does it make me look like I crave attention? definitely.

After a while now with #ratpoison wm #tmux #emacs (no x-window) I am happy. Full screen joy for concentrating on what needs to be done and simplicity of switching between what looks like just a terminal shell to a windowed application (like Firefox) is working very well for me.

#archlinux #justsaying

On one hand I really like #Emacs , on the other hand, its internal windowing system is rubbish. It's absolutely terrible. Either let me use single frames properly and let #i3wm handle the splitting or implement i3's algorithms. What I have to deal with currently with gud's (the GDB thingy) autocompletion is the worst thing I've ever seen.

Why doesn't #Emacs use the theme background on Linux? 😖

And this is an attempt to "awoo" from mastodon.el in #spacemacs on #emacs 26.X. So, uh, Awoo?

Well, I have an issue with mastodon.el (#emacs client).

After I type my email, password, I got this : "error in process filter: wrong type argument char-of-string-p, nil"

What does that means ? I have configured the server to be mstdn.io (and emacs has tried to contact mstdn.io succesfully).