Good idea used in the Emacs source tree: add a top level .dir-locals.el to enforce consistent styling.

[screenshot of .dir-locals.el]

#emacs #lisp #gnu

What better garb to wear to an Emacs meetup than a pink John McCarthy t-shirt? #emacs #lisp #selfie

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What should I focus on in my posts on emacs.cafe ? Setting up #emacs for linting, completion etc? Do Indium tutorials? sth else?

@Kdvr @johnson Regarding #mail and #Emacs, a while ago I wrote a tutorial on how to setup #Gmail, #Gnus, and #GPG (Gnus being one of the potential Emacs mail clients). github.com/kensanata/ggg

PS. My #emms config from 2010 worked. #emacs

mastodon.el v0.6.0 was just pushed to GitHub. It includes media in timelines thanks to the great work by @alexjgriffith!

The MELPA recipe has been merged and the next build should make mastodon.el available via `package-install'. ETA is ~2 hours.


I'm looking at pictures from toots in #Emacs and it is GLORIOUS.

@johnson I may have found out why the columns weren't lining up. Looks like some sneaky tabs found their way into my code.

#emacs is letting me down

Apart from the #gnutls error 12 on Ubuntu 14.04 server, inline images seam to be working pretty well for #mastodon in #emacs. mastodon.social/media/KAPCxPo-

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@johnson My pleasure, we all win with more functionality!

Hopefully post 1.0 we'll be able to do everything from the #emacs client.

Setup gnus in my #emacs for gmail. I knew it would be great. But reading gmane news inside it? geekycool!

We're MELPA bound!

mastodon.el has a PR on the MELPA repository and should be available via package-install soon.

v0.5.4 is out with some metadata, docstring, and compilation fixes needed for the MELPA push.


@masaya @jackbaty I only use #emacs. My favorites are plan9, jazz, yoshi, kaolin, soothe.

My favorite #vim colorscheme is gruvbox. and #emacs theme is twilight-anti-bright 😍 Please tell me your favorite vim/Emacs colorscheme/theme.
mastodon.technology/media/yIz2 mastodon.technology/media/MGd7

Latest mastodon.el version 0.5.1 has all the planned work for a MELPA push done. I'll do it later tonight. Must spend time with family now.


I just pushed v0.5.0 to GitHub with a bunch of internal changes and TravisCI integration.

Two items left on the MELPA milestone:

- Request more (older) toots on timelines
- Auto-detect emojify package and use it