@YesIKnowIT I can say I know #Atom is super slow even just a handful of packages installed. #Emacs ftw by the way 😜

#emacs elfeed is really elegant and I'm crying because now I have to use my computer for RSS. fucking android. github.com/skeeto/elfeed

Ok, got my patience back in place, compiling #Mixxx from 0 again. Time to open #Emacs and see if I can learn something today.
I still got an article about real time systems to read but I'm not doing that...

Whoa, my #emacs theme makes things look dos as fuck in a terminal. Anyone know of a way to grab the terminal framebuffer for a screenshot in #openbsd?

For #emacs users who use ripgrep: there is a quite wonderful "rg" package for Emacs.

M-x rg-dwim - greps in the current project for the symbol under the cursor

M-x rg - uses ripgrep, similar to M-x grep

Also, for anyone who really enjoys #Emacs but really hates having to install 200mb of files for a text editor, there's a text editor called zile that has a similar emacs style (keyboard shortcuts 4 dayz), but is pretty small and fairly stripped down (meaning no macros/extensibility).

All-in-all pretty solid and recommended by me, for whatever that's worth :3

Seeing Sam Aaron live code in this 42min video cheers me up every time. If you just want to see examples, skip half an hour, e.g. youtu.be/imoWGsipe4k?t=32m6s

I've been contemplating how best to transition my paper student diary to an org-mode planner. Because I don't actually look at my student diary as much as I should. I do need it to be android friendly, and probably on the cloud. #emacs #orgmode

I have a function in my #Emacs 🐃 configuration, added to various major mode hooks, which sets the cursor to a bar (the default is a box). Tonight I’m going to 1. make it check whether the buffer is read-only, and 2. have it toggle the cursor appearance along with ‘read-only-mode’. github.com/amdt/dot-files/blob

I'm looking for people, who build their website with Emacs und orgmode (no static site generator or other tools). If you have, post a link to an article, where you describe how you build your site. If you don't have an article, feel free to write one. ^^

Ich suche nach Leuten, die ihre Webseite per #emacs und #orgmode erstellen (ohne andere statische Websitengeneratoren oder tools ). Am besten mit Link auf einen Artikel, wo ihr beschreibt, wie ihr eure Webseite pflegt. Falls ihr keinen Artikel dazu habt, dürft ihr gern einen schreiben. ^^
!emacs !orgmode 

@PresGas I'm on Freenode for #emacs (and #sql when I'm at work); and some other channels, too... I'm on OFTC for #bitlbee only. Where do you hang out? The channels got to be such a mess that I wrote an extension to my IRC client, screenshot here: github.com/kensanata/rcirc-men

I use as a glorified client but with , the number of IRC channels I'm in has exploded. So many channels. And some channels. And my accounts. It's crazy. The Emacs modeline is no longer enough to display IRC activity. I wrote a little Rcirc Menu mode to handle it for me. github.com/kensanata/rcirc-men

I literally just thought, hey I really need #emacs on #android in my life.

@clacke @lnxw48a1 I thought bazaar was officially dead, hence #emacs moving to git.

@johnson Mastodon might have survived, but I am sure #emacs is envy