Au niveau du dessous, une horde de troisièmes tout foufous attend de rejoindre les salles assignées pour la première épreuve du #Brevet (en fait, on dit #DNB depuis plus de dix ans, mais bon).
Cela veut donc dire que mardi prochain, vous pourrez guetter ces mots-dièses. Car mardi, on corrige !

@blackdev1l In realtà c'è di tutto. #Classical, #DnB, #EDM, #DeepHouse, #Rock, #Dubstep ... insomma, tutto tranne il Metal

Hoiiiii, i'm mainly a gamer , i love games that are out of the box . I do listen everyday especially .
I love and . Wondering if imma be a good Pastry chef one day ;)

Absolutely subjugated, once again, by with my favorite track of his last EP, "Music for Orchestra: Drums and Bass".
Power and subtlety for this masterpiece of Orchestral , that's all I want for this day


One of my favorite / track ever
Awesome drum solo on this one, unfortunately too rare in this genre..