@grainloom you need to go beyond the strictly capitalist model of wealth extraction, because that invariably leads to two things: exploitation (to lower prices) and centralization (to control the market). Imagine a system in which ride-sharing is handled by #cooperatives, whose members are at the same time users and owners. They would have no interest in exploiting themselves nor controlling the market, but they sure would care about the quality of the service!

Cooperatives recognised in EU’s future on collaborative economy

#Cooperatives #Europe commends the #EU’s recognition of the growing interest for the cooperative model in the collaborative economy. This positioning sends a positive signal towards actors shaping a more diverse and inclusive collaborative economy.

via #p2p foundation (who should have a fediverse presence)


#coop #eu

"ICA Asia and Pacific‏ @ICAAPAC
What does a women only plumbing #coop do? Lots!"
#coops4dev🌍 #cooperatives #womenempowerment #Jordan (I hate when birdsite provides no link but here goes) social.coop/media/2Q22VuRjkbWi

i definitely think that #cooperatives are important, and i will continue to contribute to #platformcoop, but i just want to keep things simple and fun. i'm not trying to get stressed rn

@vfrmedia I've talked to a colleague who is a lawyer. He told me that a German cooperative can usually accept members from abroad without any problems.

For #cooperatives located in several European countries, the European Cooperative Society (SCE) is another option:


However, starting an SCE is not a requirement for accepting members from other countries. A "normal" German coop. should work, too.

Among the sampled workers, all ages 28 to 34, workers who are employee-owners have
■ 92% higher median household wealth
■ 33% higher income from wages
■ 53% longer median job tenure
relative to workers who are not employee-owners.
#ESOP #Cooperatives

One of the greatest problems with #cooperatives is that it's VERY HARD to build one. A great explanation of this can be found here: youtu.be/ZfaFriFAz1k?t=1720

@vfrmedia @mattcropp Haha, no, "eG" means "eingetragene Genossenschaft" (= registered co-op). Very German legalese 😉

Yes, #coops are quite "normal" here. The Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken make up an important part of the German banking sector. The organisations behind the EDEKA and Rewe supermarkets are #cooperatives as well. And there are many others... Together, cooperatives in Germany have about 22 million members (among 81 million Germans).

#Cooperatives "can indeed contribute to the collaborative economy with a new (new for the collaborative economy, not for cooperatives) idea of community that is based on membership rather than usership."

Some new players "use a 'collaborative' language mainly for commercial purposes", but #cooperatives might be able to "build alternative models challenging such competitors [...]"

coopseurope.coop/sites/default (p. 28)

Les hasards de la vie tout ça.

Auj, j'ai profité de longs trajets en train pour lire/écrire plein de trucs. Dont ça bit.ly/2pBOADj autour des et des . Mais y'avait encore des éléments un peu flous pour moi. Et à un moment de "hop-là je vais traîner sur les internets en loucedé", je tombe sur le récap de la journée "Mutuelles de travail / Travail des communs"(mensuel.framapad.org/p/mutuell).

Bam, gros écho, et plein de choses s'éclairent.

En train de lire le compte-rendu en cours de la journee . Y'a des passages que je trouve vraiment chouettes et assez truculents. -> "fabrique de perversion de la subjectivité néolibérale".

i understand the motivations behind violent #revolution. i do, i get it. i support you even. personally, it isn't something i'm interested in organizing. i don't think violence is constructive. i'm also not your mother. do whatever the fuck you think you need to do.

i think *my* time is best spent developing free software and organizing #cooperatives. i can't justify violence except for self-defense.

i think the world needs more #love.