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Co-ops Support Women’s Economic Empowerment in Indonesia

"Indonesia has more than 150,000 active cooperatives, with more than 6,000 in Jakarta alone. Cooperatives can expand women’s access to small-scale finance, markets, and training, and can provide connections to social services."


#Cooperativism #Coops #Cooperatives #SolidarityEconomy

Why co-operatives could be the answer to the UK's social care crisis

"The idea that social care should be run co-operatively, rather than privately or publicly, is gaining traction in the UK"


#Cooperativism #Coops #Cooperatives #SolidarityEconomy

"Here at the Co-operative College we have developed this handy Learning Map to help you easily find the learning journey that best suits you."


#Cooperativism #Coops #Cooperatives #SolidarityEconomy

First week of the month means Friday is #startup day with @Institute_coop (TW) - tune into the webinar 3pm ET"

bitly.com/wcstartups social.coop/media/6NjLcb_ceZWA

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#Cooperativism #Coops #Cooperatives #SolidarityEconomy

Funding the Cooperative City in Rome

"Funding the Cooperative City is an applied research project looking into how civic spaces are developing new economic models to run their spaces sustainably. This video tells about the exchange between Roman initiatives and other organisations from around Europe. More on cooperativecity.org/"


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#Cooperatives First

“Co-operatives First has the supports, resources and experience to help groups decide if they should become entrepreneurs, and we have the networks and connections to support group entrepreneurs working hard to build their businesses. And we provide this service at no cost.”

Hmm. Lucky Canadians.


@maloki ... and of course, if you have any questions about #cooperatives in Germany, please don't hesitate to ask me. You would need to join a cooperative auditing association, and we are the one covering most of Germany (including the region where - I think - Gargron lives).

#Cooperativism #SolidarityEconomy

Resource Page on #Cooperatives and Building #Community Networks

“This resource page is a one-stop shop for facts and figures on cooperatives and their role in offering high-speed Internet service.”