Take equal parts ambient, Berlin School, Post-Rock, Blackened Death Metal, and throw them into a blender:


Why I'll never complain about putting together an episode of Open Metalcast: because of bands like Old Man Wizard:


@wiloma If you feel like boosting I have a project called Open Metalcast (openmetalcast.com/). It's a podcast dedicated to Creative Commons Metal Music.

Prefer folks support the bands, but I do have a wishlist of albums that I'm looking to pick up for future shows. Link is on the site.



wow yeah, I've seen on your Bandcamp that your output is fast! Really good to hear that the creative juices are flowing! :)

That last (best) release is gooood. Also, really happy to see you are using CC licences! :)

I also hate Spotify and these huge marketplaces so removed from the artist and tools for us to get in touch with our audience.


If I had to point to one band that pretty much confirmed that Open Metalcast was a good idea, it's Risha:


Check out Urizen's music. If you're not familiar with them you may be pleasantly surprised: