strozek: wild years of remorse and failures:

Like being wrapped inside an acoustic guitar with Andrew Eldritch's (Sisters of Mercy) vocals as a pillow.


Just listened to #thebugcast 470. Cracking show.!. Many thanks Captain @moosical and First Officer @thelovebug #ccmusic thebugcast.org

Today's album:

Netra - Ingrats:


Equal parts black metal, trip hop, jazz make this a potent album.

ok, the general #ccma room is now connected to the ##ccma room on freenode. !ccmusic !ccmsc #ccmusic

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@strypey I believe I did. I know there was something else on that site that was problematic. Doesn't stop people from using the #ccmusic tag regardless
of course, I just complained about people not using the #ccmusic tag. Wasn't able to join the other CC Music group...so if others could share !ccmsc, that'd be great!