Then I just gotta cut the price down, get some placeholder art (which I'm going to tap someone for who offered, gotta look back for that -- but I WILL take 'em up on it, my scratchsketches will not do the job well), and write up the rules explicitly.

But I'm on track. ^_^ I might be releasing a board game eventually! Neato torpedo. ^_^

It HAS occurred to me that ToT could make a workable "party game" video game too, possibly. We'll have to see. ^_^

#TowerOfTowers #boardgame

Got in two games of _Terraforming Mars_ today! My initial enthusiasm for it is holding up, it's got interesting gameplay coupled with lots of evocative scientific detail #tabletop #boardgame mastodon.xyz/media/PigTa7gPU9c

*Sol: Last Days of a Star* blows the doors off when it comes to cool custom pieces! mastodon.xyz/media/atmviTrAJVK

#boardgame #tabletop

Fort Sumter, an interesting new mini-CDG just went up on the GMT P500 <goo.gl/UVmLrF>. It looks to be heavily inspired by 13 Days <goo.gl/nnDzJo> which is not at all a bad thing, because 13 Days is an amazingly good game.

The difference I'm spotting so far is that there is now an endgame played with the cards tucked away during each round, rather than them just being hidden points.

#boardgame #wargame #tabletop

#boardgame group met for small box Saturday: A Fake Artist Goes To New York, Coup and Sushi Go! Whoop.

May was a pretty awesome month for me... good #book sale numbers (for me), amazing feedback, lots of forward momentum with #boardgame design, and I've started #editing A Hero's Birth. June promises more of the same!


@zylophone I like teaching the game to children, but I couldn’t claim to be a challenge to anyone who really knows what they’re doing.

My favorite #boardgame is Pente.

My copy of the Dark Souls #boardgame arrived today. Looks pretty beautiful, starting to read the rules now.

Somehow Card Clash is a little bit popular on Itch.io (in the physical games section, at least), so I figure I ought to share it here, because I don't think I've done it yet:


It's part of a 2-player print & play contest on BoardGameGeek, and voting opens June 16 so there's plenty of time to play all the entries!


So try out the games if you can! And if you try mine, I'd love feedback! :)

#gamedev #boardgame #cardgame

In #boardgame #kickstarter news, the new One Deck Dungeon set "Forest of Shadows" is live. I'm not generally a fan of co-ops, but I've found ODD a genuinely exciting experience when played two-player. And of course it's good solo as well.


Enjoyed Tin Goose. Middleweight intuitive #boardgame about the earliest airlines in America. #bgg

Drawing in the #Abyss artbook.
Maybe the last one... as there is only one book left in my online shop (shop.xaviercollette.com), so.. if you want the drawing option on it, contact me on the shop, and i will set it on for you. First arrived, first served. Be aware that the book is at 25€ without the drawing, and at 35€ with it.

#Artbook #illustration #drawing #doodle #art #mastoart #boardgame #j2s #Coliandre #XavierCollette mastodon.social/media/TyH2VRa4

#boardgame night! We finally cracked open Evolution: Climate. It's a beautiful, lightweight euro-style economics game.