Anyone else do this?

I use my phone so much for Mastodon, that when I TYPE IN ALL-CAPS () I end up double-tapping the phone keyboard. But.......

Then I switch to my laptop, and I'm double-tapping the caps-lock like a fool ().


Good morning 🌞

I think I'm going to shave half my hair off . I mean, at least the weather is getting warmer!


Happy !

I know this can be a tough day for some, including myself, so make the best of it, just as any other day, and give lots of love to each other 😘❤️

//artwork by the_real_theory


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@HerraBRE I think for today, all my posts will be tagged with and let's see if it picks up, 👍🏻

Good morning and Happy Easter #nsfw Show more

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Calling on the entire ...

Can someone get this wonderful human some beats? Perhaps with robotic voiceovers?

@shivvi Ha! Well now that you mention it...

Everybody don't forget to start your day with a healthy supply of