@lilletale @wxl also with a #basicincome people would set up more #mastodon instances and give back to society like that.
We don't need pressure to work until 1/3 of people break mentally, broken people will often not be able to contribute very much. And people want to contribute one way or the other, I believe.

Cool, notre article sur la #monnaielibre en essai du jour sur le blog de la P2P Foundation :)
Nice, our paper about the #librecurrency in the essay of the day on P2P Foundation blog
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Every day currently jobless people on here ask for money to get by. Why can't we have #UBI #BasicIncome already?

Hawaii could be the first US state to implement Universal Basic Income


Know any #coop and/or Free Software folks in Hawaii?

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Any #BasicIncome people here?

Well, if so, I just want to make sure you know that what others describe as utopia is actually, if read literally… already the law of every State that is in the U.N.
Doesn't demand citizenship of any of that nonsense.

Also, "utopia" does mean "no place",… but that it is no place NOW, doesn't mean it can't BECOME a place.
Making it exist is humanity's obligation towards all future life.

In light of more recent traction on the "universal basic income" or "guaranteed income" ideas we wanted to share this piece again from Ed Whitfield arguing against these schemes.



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someone is breeding out another #cyberpunk dystopia.

A #basicincome is desperately needed; maybe it would finish off toxic business models like this one.

theguardian.com/us-news/2017/j #ubi

And now #bethesda said "in late capitalism, how can we make a bit more money out of the progressive nice stuff we already made?" #creationClub

Apparently the mode of production moves on to a more decentralised capitalism, where everyone works for his own good, ultra-precariate.

could you at least give me a #basicincome to bear that? >.< I'd might even work for free, out of intrinsic motivation, lol.

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