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I'm now listening a big release (of 51 tracks) that I just bought, it's called "Retrospective" by Tim Rowe @timrowe - it has some really interesting effects on the mood and atmosphere in whatever space i'm in and whatever i'm (not) working on. it works on headphones too.

try it out timrowe.bandcamp.com/album/ret and name your price if you like it

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I like this slow and kinda dreamy and meditative track, hinting at poetry chant.

EASTER-CHAMPAGNE (LUKE ABBOT REMIX) | Les Disques De La Mort - lesdisquesdelamort.bandcamp.co

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has anyone changed URL of their #bandcamp page?

like from

did the old address keep working?
(i know if you use custom domain like music.artist.com, the artist.bandcamp.com continues to work)

what's been happen here then? Not checked in for a while. Been in PhD reading/writing mode, so cutting down on social browsing.

On a #music tip, the new Public Enemy album is amazing, and they're giving it away on #Bandcamp - publicenemy.bandcamp.com/

#SamediMetal découverte massive et immersive sur #Bandcamp du groupe Vin de Mia Trix 😍
Their album “Palimpsests” summarizes the spectrum of themes the band aims to convey and embodies the concept of multi-layered meanings and symbols expressed through musical, lyrical, and visual content. Musically, “Palimpsests” is rooted in Extreme Doom, venturing occasionally into the territories of Prog Rock and Post-Metal.

486DX - avant-garde chiptune, synthesized heavy metal & classical symphonic music. 100% Synthesized, 100% Dehumanized #bandcamp masterbootrecord.bandcamp.com/ mastodon.cloud/media/n2VTtvOkF

please send me your fave #bandcamp band. (my focus is on industrial, noise, electronic, metal and oldschool gothic), but all underground is welcome.

Moi, quand j'aime, je ne compte pas ! (Ah ben si, tiens, ça fait trois fois)

Russian Circles Live au Dunkfest 2016.

Un power-trio instru entre métal atmosphérique, down-tempo, post-rock…

Du velours pour les oreilles !


Dispo aussi sur leur page #Bandcamp : russiancircles.bandcamp.com/

hullo masto people!

let me know where you are on bandcamp. i'm always looking for new music to listen to while coding.

self recs totally welcome!

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@samtoland cool, I'll check it out. Been looking for alternative CC music sources to #Jamendo, #MagnaTune, #BandCamp, #FMA, and #Archive.

Reminder that if you haven't heard Itsu then you're severely lacking in your electronic music.


Seriously, it's what I wish more dubstep-influenced music was like. So good.

a proper #introduction is due

I'm a computer musician making:
~ various forms of electro-funk and bass #music (#renoise)

~ ambiental drone, noise and sonic experiments (#supercollider)

~ expanded #cinema & #video projects (#processing).

I also do
~ queer #performance
~ run a small local #ccmusic #netlabel w/ boutique physical releases
~ use FLOSS & Linux

You can support me on #Bandcamp & #Patreon

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