when the revolutionary masses choose to withhold their labor from novelty basketball performances, that's a Washington Generals strike

New TMBG song, "The Communists Have the Music"

"I don't need a rationale,
to sing the Internationale"


my new thing is I’m a Clever Hans truther. he was real and he was smart and we must honor his memory.

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This person was gone for like 5-10 minutes and showed up as soon as I was like “fuck it I’m moving the stuff”

my whore shoe theory is (someone leans over and whispers in my ear) oh

we should believe women regardless of whether or not they satisfy our notoriously unreliable beepity-boop lie detectors

"How Will Capitalism End?" by Wolfgang Streeck

my girlfriend refuses to engage me in rational debate about which family in Romeo and Juliet was the good one

"man! why do i feel bad, i'm just having a calm sunday"

(flashback to watching bojack for three hours straight)


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finally scheduled a dentist appointment, my first one in this presidential administration

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People pointing out ways a thing could be better doesn't mean they hate it, Zach.

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