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Hello World

I'm Brad, 31, he/him, in the US Midwest, and an engineer working on cool space hardware.

Stuff I like and am good at:
- Electronics
- Embedded Programming
- Cooking
- Hiking
- Tabletop Games

Stuff I like and am getting better at:
- Knitting
- Sewing
- Web Programming

Stuff I want to do:
- Start a commune with all my friendos
- Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism

when you work at a nuclear power plant and join the union and get into a position of power and start investigating and discovering the incredibly unsafe working conditions including getting contaminated with plutonium from just filing paperwork and having 400 times the legal plutonium contamination limit so you start investigating the company and writing a report and the company argues that you poisoned yourself on purpose to make the company look bad and you bring your report findings to the new york times but you crash your car on the way there and during the autopsy it is discovered that your papers aren't there (even though you brought them with you) and the autopsy finds that your blood contained high amounts of sedatives and also your name is karen silkwood and this actually fucking happened

Which is also to say, if anyone knows of any self-supporting, hinged-base 20m antenna towers that can handle a 3 sq ft antenna load in a 90mph TIA/EIA 222 wind zone, hmu

Right now I'm excited about: The notion of starting a grassroots WISP with my little extended network of friends.

One of my friends is living at one of the highest points in the city, and pretty centrally located to all our other friends, but we'd still have to build at least a 20m antenna tower, and her property isn't big enough for a guyed tower.

Add on to that, I'm not too keen on tower climbing, and there are not many self-supporting, hinged-base 20m towers available 😞

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Every time I see someone post a picture or a recording of some beautiful woodwind, it makes me deeply wish I had the time to pick the Clarinet back up.

The second largest city in my state has such a density of cool stuff. The Restaurant Supply store jam packed with unorganized used equipment for CHEAP? TWO Yarn stores? A cool witchy book store above a cool record store? And everything is (slightly) more walkable?

Where I'm at has its advantages, but dang.

(Very much wish there were a rail connection between the two, would make daytripping much more appealing)

The other night I offered a friend of mine, who is a professional baker of incredible treats, a piece of cake that I'd made, and said, "it's just poundcake, it's not a big deal," and she pointed at me and said, "EVERY cake is a big deal," and I've been thinking about that a lot

Yaupon is not native where I am, and somewhat marginal to my growing zone, but I'm gonna plant a bush or two this spring and see what happens! I'd love to grow my own (caffeinated) tea, and so much the better if it's native to areas relatively nearby. (And lord knows that the changing climate is only going to drive it further north).

Today I'm excited about: Yaupon Holly (Ilex Vomitoria)!

This little bush is native to the American South. It's the only known North American native to contain caffeine. Indigenous folks made tea out of it. It's related to yerba mate.

It's been "rediscovered" by white folks, and you can now buy the tea. It's quite good- mildly floral, somewhere between chamomile and mate in my experience. (As an aside, I'd love to know of any indigenous folks selling this as tea).

For "How am I going to explain X to my kids?" read "How can I make my kids as anti-X as I am?" in almost all cases.

this is the original facebook. is it any wonder it turned out the way it did?

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short answer: no ethical consumption under capitalism. long answer under the cut Show more

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It is SO WEIRD to think that I went to high school with a really well known leftist journalist, and so weird to see his byline in all the lefty circles I'm in now

its weird the phrase "to peel back the layers of an onion" means what it means. I peel and chop several onions a week and I've never found anything surprising. it's always more onion

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