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It's been over a year since I've been here! Things have changed a lot! Here's a new

I'm Brad, 33, he/him (mostly), in the US midwest, working on space science hardware (as far as I can get from the military-industrial complex)

I'm into:
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I'm getting into:
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I want to:
- Live in community with friends
- Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism

Louisville Protests, Sep 24 

A local Unitarian church is offering sanctuary to protestors who defied curfew to call attention to the injustice of the Kentucky Grand Jury failing to indict on the murder of Breonna Taylor.

The police are considering *storming the fucking church* to arrest these protestors as we speak.

A state senator has been arrested, along with a women who has spent the past 100+ days working to mediate between cops and protestors.

I am absolutely tired of liberals saying that these racist cops, prosecutors, and attorneys general are "on the wrong side of history."

History is not a linear path towards tolerance, and that thinking is itself white supremacist.

History is a messy course, and right now hate, fascism, racism, and others are winning in a lot of places.

To tut-tut about being on the "wrong side of history" is to excuse yourself from doing the work of dismantling systems of white supremacy.

Louisville, from a Louisvillian 

The police here in Louisville have been planning for days now to make this a march for the victory of white supremacy.

They're succeeding.

What it's like in Louisville right now 

I can hear at least 4 helicopters overhead. At least 2 of them are police choppers. My friends have been arrested at multiple locations along the road I live on. Cops are arresting journalists and livestreamers. A nearby supply drop-off for protestors has been raided. There are armed militias roaming around downtown, unchecked by police, heckling drivers and pedestrians.

It's a Morse Fotomatic IV 4400. Built by Toyota in the late 1950s, it's a champ. Still works incredibly well. The guy I bought it from didn't quite get the upper tension assembly repaired right, but I've got a new assembly on the way, along with a replacement bobbin tire.

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Like my dream job is someone pays me some modest amount to work on embedded rust devices, tools for hardware developers, and to stream hardware development, but failing that I guess I'll do something that's profitable to someone 😂

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Pandemic has made it ridiculously obvious how bad this job is.

So, time to start looking for another!

Anyone needs an electrical engineer with experience in space systems and a big interest in embedded rust?

Job Whinging 

I am so tired of capitalism, and honestly don't want to work at all.

I'm thinking about applying to a new job that is remote, pays more, but outside of my big "career interest". It's tough to work up the motivation to update the resume and write a cover letter that expresses the appropriate amount of energy and enthusiasm when I really, really don't have it.

It was a mistake to be born with a non-prime number of fingers anyway.

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Me, spending all night watching YouTube videos of sketchy woodworkers swearing that the tool is safe, while giving extremely intricate safety instructions, and contorting a saw blade in all kinds of unsafe directions: Yes, I want this.

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Drugs mention 

Thinking about that time I got really incredibly high and listened to Radiohead until I fell asleep

(last night. I'm thinking of last night)

Relationship Blah (-) 

I'm not upset at all if this is a dealbreaker for her. We all have needs and wants, and if she really needs to be with a partner that she can eventually live with/buy a house with, that's not me. And I gave her all the information she neeeded to know that years ago.

But I am frustrated that this is coming to a head now, in this way, and that her approach seems to be "I am upset about thing. I need to figure out how I can bend my own needs so I can stay with @Zuph".

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Relationship Blah (-) 

It's also frustrating because my partner is the only one who isn't excited about this turn of events for me. I feel like it's dangerous to get excited about it when other people are around, and I feel like I'm betraying her when I get excited about it when she isn't around. It's a sopping wet blanket over what should be a really good thing.

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Relationship Blah (-) 

It's really valid if she wants to live with her partner, or look forward to building a home life, or whatever. But from the very beginning we talked about wanting separate spaces, and the commune thing was even in my OKC profile when we met. I'm frustrated because I feel like I've been very clear from the very beginning about my living situation, and what I want from a living situation, and now we're 3 years in to this relationship and this is coming up as a Big Deal™️ .

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Relationship Blah (-) 

My roommate and I are buying a house near some friends. This is awesome, because it's the culmination of our daydreaming over the past 4 years to start building closer community ties in a more long-term and sustainable way.

My partner is super upset about it, though. We've talked about this before, gone to therapy over it, and things just keep getting worse. Now that a deposit is down and contract signed, she's said for the first time that she doesn't want me to do this.

Abandon the idea that anyone can be at the "top of their field", dismantle the notion that anyone can be "the best". Human skill, talent, and ability is and always has been based on time, circumstance, and resources. Meritocracy doesn't exist.

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