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tired: calling it a "home office"
wired: calling it "the spare room" and piling tons of boxes and crap in it

#RyzenTime "...the new chips start at $199 for a six-core, 12-thread part running at a base of 3.4GHz and a turbo o… t.co/OmRGqD2F1c
- arstechnica

TSA guy: you can't bring all these tacos with you
me: these are my service tacos!


lmao - love masto, always open-source
omg - our mod @Gargron
wtf - welcome to fediverse
imho - instance moderation & hosting opportunities
smfh - so many furries here
idgaf - I decentralized; gotta avoid facebook

Last year built an all-white working-from-home setup. This year is going to be *much* darker.
<maniacal laughter>

tired: using make to build source
wired: checking in every file as a different library and making the dep manager build your project

If I say I'm leaving the house right now and will be there soon and you believe me, that is your own shortcoming.

Tired: Burping

Wired: The sort of combination hiccup-belch that comes out as a chesty squeaking sound.

What you missed :
Ce que vous avez manqué :

The only problem with everything bagels is that they turn into everywhere bagels

i didnt know about time, i hadnt heard of it. i had no idea. never heard of it! people would ask me "what's the time" and i'd say "i've never heard of it!" but then one day, my father gave me his watch. i put it on. and i looked at the time. and i was HORRIFIED

In my pre-teens I used to dream about escaping into a world of pure software. Because we could 'do everything over, and do it right'. Make a world without pain, fear, death. This was without even reading any of the cyberpunk writers.

But now I know that we wouldn't do it right. Because we had the chance, and we didn't.

What we put into computers is what's in our heads and our hearts, and those contain... things we need to work on.

📣 PSA 📣

Twitter w/o Twitter

We have deployed Halcyon at itter.photog.social for our users.

It's a Twitter UI clone and has that old, familiar feel of Twitter. Great if the Masto UI isn't your cup of tea.

You can login to the interface with @[username]@photog.social and it will take you to your account settings to approve the application.

For other admins: the code is at github.com/halcyon-suite/halcy

Ping this account if you're using nginx + php-fpm or similar and we can get you more info.