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None of us would be loved if the requirement were perfection. None of us could receive love if it were only provided by someone else's mercy. Love is something you deserve. It's something that you are worth giving and receiving. That's the truth. Love and let yourself be loved.

cw drug mention 

cw drug mention 

I have breakfast. My nose is still dully throbbing. It's Sunday already. Ugh.

hmm yeah ok real quick here's my strongly held opinion: as long as you're queer you get to identify basically however you want, whatever helps you feel right

gatekeeping identities mainly serves to hurt other queer folks and plays directly into the hands of cishet normativity

if you disagree then please tell someone else about it, i am intensely not interested

dyed my hair red, towel after shower ripped my nostril piercing from it's station - nostril OK but sore, no flesh significantly torn. OW. Then I struggled and cried about trying to put it back in and mostly failing in front of the bathroom mirror. Sat down at my desk and tried it just by feel and got it in right away of course. soaking with warm salt water and took some ibuprofen. Praying the goddesses spare me an infection.

Queer Eye is this experience that touches my feels and always reminds me that I need to love myself. I don't know any other show that does this quite this way or this well.

voicemail: call me back
me: calls back

hi, i can't come to the phone at the moment, please leave a message

Nothin better than a fart. Except watching kids fall off bikes. Fuck, I could watch kids fall of bikes all day, I don't give a fuck about your kids.

We know where Top Ramen stands but I think Cup o' Noodles is a switch.

disclosure, I don't always remember to caption my photos, but I try to remember to. I don't have sight impairment, but I have met people who do who educated me to a struggle we often ignore because it's somehow too much effort to help make the internet a little bit better place for everyone.

yeah fuck people with disabilities who use screen reading software to have access to the rest of the world the same way we do right? How dare someone ask us to describe the images we post that screen reader software is not yet able to describe for them. SIGHT POWER! *salutes* /entirely sarcasm

ALSO: my boss sends me a weird chat message today "you're going to get a bunch of invitations, don't worry - all good things, just - keep it to yourself."

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