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None of us would be loved if the requirement were perfection. None of us could receive love if it were only provided by someone else's mercy. Love is something you deserve. It's something that you are worth giving and receiving. That's the truth. Love and let yourself be loved.

cw: some ec, lewd af, butt stuff mostly, link to video of actual butt play Show more

cw: some ec, lewd af, butt stuff mostly, link to video of actual butt play Show more

Two and a Half Guys Express Burger and Fries Food Truck - less guys, faster food.

Bop It™: "Bob it!"

Me: [ bobs it ]

Bop It™: "Twist it!"

Me: [ twists it ]

Bop It™: "Pull it!"

Me: [ pulls it ]

Bop It™: "Death to the elite, destroy the system, abolish property!"

Me: ...

Bop It™: "..."

Bop It™: "Bop it!"

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I really miss K tonight. I just want them to hold me and cuddle me to sleep. <3

This poor woman googled bofite but not bofa and still wanted to know more because she couldn't find bofite.

OK I think I'm over being grumpy. K's been sweet to me over texting right now and I'm all smiley and shit.

Also while I'm on the subject I am pissed that somebody can act so into me and then fucking ghost me. This isn't about K or the amazon lady but the other person I was seeing. I tried to be supportive and communicative and I wasn't needy or clingy, I just needed some fucking communication and to occasionally have some planned time together, and apparently that low fucking bar was too much. Don't start tryin to date someone if you don't have the capacity, folks.

Awesome, really glad I waited outside in the cold to make sure they could find the place we were playing today. Amazon lady didn't show and didn't text me till waaaay after we got started. It'd be different if they hadn't acted so interested yesterday, but they seemed so sure they'd show. It's like adulting 101 text people if you can't or won't for whatever reason fucking make it.

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