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None of us would be loved if the requirement were perfection. None of us could receive love if it were only provided by someone else's mercy. Love is something you deserve. It's something that you are worth giving and receiving. That's the truth. Love and let yourself be loved.

Enjoying "Someone Great" on Netflix, after watching Unicorn Store earlier today, it's like everything is fitting for the mood I'm in.

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I think you're gorgeous and oh gosh I have a crush on you, it is very sad we live so far apart, but sometimes I think I'd love it if somehow you ended up taking me on a date that accidentally lasted all weekend.

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jazz is dungeons & dragons for musicians

i will not be taking questions at this time

I'm watching Escape From L.A. because if it's on I am compelled to.

Sometimes the hot people of the fedi talk to me like I'm one of the hot people and it confuses me, lol. Like, nooooo *you're* the cute one. I'm the potato one. I can be enjoyable but you're going to have to get me baked and slather me in butter and salt, sour cream and chives.

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I'm watching the latest Big Bang Theory and Sheldon showed more emotional maturity than most people I've dated just now. He was like "I don't know how to make you feel better." Then he asks first, holds Amy, and sings soft kitty to her for her emotional pain. Like, he's so emotionally challenged he just sort of got this one right by default lol

If a domme tells me who to toot about, I will. It'll be a sub toot.

K and I were texting about making stock, and I called them a Kitchen Witch. I said I dig it, I am eager to learn all the things, they have neat skills. K said "I'll teach you anything you want." And that's why I'm a puddle of bun girl right now.

sorry im an adult who loves cup noodles bc they are convenient and easy to deal with.

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