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None of us would be loved if the requirement were perfection. None of us could receive love if it were only provided by someone else's mercy. Love is something you deserve. It's something that you are worth giving and receiving. That's the truth. Love and let yourself be loved.

If any of you are or were into Real Life Comics, it's back and we're currently getting the story arc of the main character discovering she is trans, and the artist also just came out after a couple of years of figuring stuff out.

Kinda forgot Mastodon existed for a year or so, lol. I wonder if anyone remembers me here?

I've been quiet on here for a bit, but nothing is wrong. In fact, life's going pretty well! I moved in with my girlfriend and meta and toddler, still have some stuff left at my old place to retrieve. I've spent so much time with my girlfriend I feel a little spoiled, but in a good way. I wake up less stressed, I feel at home in my own room. And I'm not surrounded by reminders of the pain and hurt like I was living with my in-laws after my wife left us all. Moving forward, growing, loving.

Sorry I've been quiet. I'm not gone, just haven't had much energy or much to say. I moved in with my girlfriend and my meta this week, and it's been rough on me physically but good times. Going to an Apple Festival in another town today (Saturday) with my girlfriend and their kid. Life's pretty good.

If Supernatural accomplishes anything in their final season I hope it's that the ghostfacers literally die and become ghosts.

I love that Supernatural decides frequently to make fun of itself and it's ridiculousness, like when a character commented that Sam and Dean treat death like a revolving door. That and the fact that they spend literal seasons setting up a Big Bad just for him to be pathetic and small fish in a later season compared to who they're dealing with now. They may even become an ally.

morpheus voice: come on, stop **thinking** about flirting with me and **flirt with me**

Went to the bar for trivia tonight with my cleavage-est top on and somebody I barely talked to picked up my entire tab. 😊

I'm pouty and whiny when I'm sick, I don't mean to be but it really is ongoing torture, I need to be held, and I don't want to infect anyone else so I'm in isolation. I hope it passes quickly *sniffles*

I was leaving the doctor's office and in the parking lot I got to the truck and noticed this cute lady was super smiley and looking at me like she thought I was either really cute or like she was just glad I'm living my life being myself, but like, she kept looking and catching my glances back over at her. I am a useless lesbian I didn't even say hi I just smiled back

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Had fun at the bar last night getting drunk and playing darts and trivia night. Came home and took some lewds. Enjoy and lust after me in the replies or my DMs if you want. It makes me feel attractive when you do.

It's bi visibility day, experts are advising you use protective eyewear and present ceremonial offerings if you encounter these invisible legends that walk amongst us.

Be aware that direct eye contact can be life shattering and you should carry plenty of fluids in case one should engage with you.

I am a veritable Bang Bus of emotion right now

I'm sitting there getting my tattoo and next thing you know we're talking about sex toys for amab people

and then I'm making recommendations and I'm like, off course if you're open to certain things, the availability of toys overlaps with what they make for afab people.

"Well, I mean, I'm no stranger to a finger in the butt now and then"

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hand made artistic sign from the area 51 raid reads "RAID THAT ALIEN BOOTY"

sometimes i look up at the moon and think, know who else is looking at that very same moon? MILFs in my area. and it puts me at ease

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omg I almost spent the evening alone in my room at home and instead I texted my gf to ask if they wanted some potato company and I got food and went over. we snuggled on the couch and chatted and watched Great British Bake-off Masterclass, then they got me an apple pie at mcdonald's, they told someone on the phone they were hanging out with me, their girlfriend, and would have to call them back. We watched Gentleman Jack and got cuddly and affectionate and I am Happy Bun. 😍

Mmmf nothing melts me faster than when K says "Good girl."

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So my gf met this girl B on okcupid, is seeing them, I was also interested. They agreed to a date. We changed date to a hangout. On hangout, they reiterate how much they really like me and include me talking about people they've met and been into lately. We had an amazing time with great chat and I assured them I'm not pining after them or anything, I'm not shutting the door I'm just not waiting for them to walk through it. So we're friends who *could* date. Marking W.

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