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🎵 Howie B. - Angels Go Bald:Too

and of course another great video by the late Run Wrake <3

I like rotoscoped animation, so here's that (with, yes, some of the people who worked on A Scanner Darkly)

Level of slight creepiness in a promotional e-mail subject: around 0.63 jw (JimmyWales)

Does anyone know about any crowdsourced project, repository, or whatever about non-legalese, readable, plain language Privacy Policies for websites (not services or apps or e-shops)?

"OK Boomer" only works on Boomers from Google. If your Boomer is from Apple, you have to say "Hey, Boomer." If it's from Amazon, you can simply preface your instruction with "Boomer", e.g. "Boomer, stop."

So in summary, so far, some lightweight, small-scale servers if you don't need a whole Mastodon :

- (Python, single-user)
- (Python, few users)
- (Node, Misskey for for few users)

A groundbreaking study was conducted to determine whether I will manage to finish (or even start) a project this year.

It's November, which means it's National Novel Generation Month, where people write code that writes a novel!

I would love to see more beginner programmers participate, so I just wrote a blog post that highlights some very simple novel generators that were made last year.

#NaNoGenMo is an #AGPL licensed #ActivityPub protocol compliant federated #social #network server suitable for hosting a small number of accounts on low power systems requiring minimal maintenance, such as single board computers. It's the ActivityPub equivalent of an email server, storing posts as human readable #JSON on file, rather than in a database. It also uses only a small amount of RAM.

An Internet of People, Not Corporate Agendas

So apparently Mastodon loves 1-bit black-and-white with dithering.


Ah yes, the old SEO spam from "digital media experts representing a Silicon Valley based Digital Agency"

Anyone who needed just a light, #singleuser #fediverse server to #selfhost for themselves alone, Dolphin, of #Misskey fame, is now an option:


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