Muxtape-inspired app I hacked up earlier today for the decentralized web, dubbed Skytape: Send me yours! (Make sure you have permission to publish)

"@@@@@ is a transmission broadcasted into this world from a speculative fictional universe in which the fundamentally analogue format of FM pirate radio remains one of few means to escape authoritarian surveillance powered by a hostage sentience gestated by a post-singularity AI. The host of the show, known as DIVA EXPERIMENTAL lives across multiple bodies in space in virtue of her persecution- in order to kill her, one would first have to find all of her bodies. The bodies that host her carry fetishes for paralinguistics, breaking the fourth wall and nurturing a mutant faith in love in the face of fear."

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Whenever you're writing a research proposition or a funding application, remember that the original proposal for what later became the Web was deemed “vague but exciting”.

also: i'm taking the train to isenga-- BASEL tomorrow!

i'll be hugging friends and holding a presentation about my forthcoming master's thesis on a trust-based subjective moderation system at

I have an invitation to join the illuminati that I don't plan to use, who's interested?

Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

*dad looking at fediverse logo*

dad: is this about gay occultists?"
fediverse: *tired sigh* Yes, DAD. It IS about gay occultists.

How to feel like you're missing out on a party, in Foobar2k

A few weeks ago we published a follow-up article about the project: "How sustainable is a solar powered website?"

The article is a very extensive research into the embedded energy costs of this setup and how to lower that. Additionally we have some statistics on visitors (865k unique), energy use (18.1 KWh) and uptime (98.2%) after more than a year of operation and what conclusions to draw from that.

There is quite some overcapacity in the system, so to increase our efficiency one approach would be to host multiple servers on that off-grid solar system. But that is scaling up. Instead the #lowtech solution we opted for is seeing how we can do the same with smaller batteries, smaller solar panel and hosting more sites on the same machine. To that end we've started migrating #french, #spanish and #dutch language sites to the solar server as well.

Anyway here is the whole thing with all the details!

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