"Expanded reissue of New Zealand guitar pioneer Roy Montgomery’s rare and revered full-length, Scenes From The South Island, originally released in 1995 by west coast experimental / space rock label Drunken Fish. Recorded on both coasts on a pair of Tascam 4-tracks, the album is alternately wistful, windswept, skeletal, shredded, and strange. Solo guitar figures flow and fray through echo and empty space, evoking loss, long roads, and low-lit landscapes".


🎵 Howie B. - Angels Go Bald:Too

and of course another great video by the late Run Wrake <3

So Matt Berry - and "his pulsating, ancient organ (Vox continental organ)" - is in the latest Desert Sessions, together with a mysterious Töôrnst Hülpft


Gerald Donald (of Drexciya) apparently revived the old Daughter Produkt project with new collaborators including Sarah Davachi or Christina Vantzou!


Just found that T.Power's 1995 album
"The Self Evident Truth Of An Intuitive Mind" was remastered in 2015


It was a nice drum and bass album, even if it had some very cliché moments (dnb rarely avoided that, though, didn't it?)

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