That's a test image that works well with that display's colour palette

"Expanded reissue of New Zealand guitar pioneer Roy Montgomery’s rare and revered full-length, Scenes From The South Island, originally released in 1995 by west coast experimental / space rock label Drunken Fish. Recorded on both coasts on a pair of Tascam 4-tracks, the album is alternately wistful, windswept, skeletal, shredded, and strange. Solo guitar figures flow and fray through echo and empty space, evoking loss, long roads, and low-lit landscapes".

A post by @ghostlevel reminded me to check the to-do-list app i sometimes use and :'D

(yes that's from last year and indeed unfinished)

Today in "lol, fuck Apple", via

Totally in the same vein of “There are over 600 million PCs in use today that are over five years old. This is really sad, it really is".

"Suitable for MPC, Amiga and Walkman", they're that old

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