From with photo credit to "S Hummel."

"Sprites are large electrical discharges associated with lightning strikes, and occur high above storms in the mesophere and lower ionosphere"

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence"

... except when it comes to online marketing.

Then it's 100% malice.

Olivetti multimedia station for public spaces, Michele De Lucchi, 1995

I love how deeply 90s this whole thing is 💙

"Calcutta Cyber Cafe is a virtual band created as a meeting place. For those on a musical journey for global communication and reconfiguration in this time of diversity one must still defy categorization in life as in music and this album i believe does so"

Some day in the future we'll be like "😂😂😂😂 people have paid $40000 for a 100TB SSD"

twitter, uspol, president cheetos' campaign 

"This would be Joe Biden’s America", tweets Trump's campaign strategic advisor, while posting a video of Trump era United States.

Some 1989 Belgian New Beat :
Cold Sensation - Belgian Musictrain

(the part that starts at 1:38 🖤)

Via, voilà l'équivalent de la straight pride pour les automobilistes fragiles bruxellois 😂

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