Is there something that makes the Wuhan coronavirus more *mysterious* than any newly discovered virus?

Or is it just again some lazy journalism?

I think that's a reasonable way to look at the future of technology in general ;)

Edmund C. Berkeley on the future of computing (1961)


If someone had decided to create a "demake" of current todos mobile apps , it wouldn't look any different. It even has the swiping gesture!


(cc: @ogre)

Sukia - The Dream Machine (1997)

That was the band of that kid who got into the cockpit in Airplane!


Be openmindedly curious about people and the world.
Listen genuinely.
Share your findings enthusiastically.
Connect ideas, and people.

Marc had a dedication and a natural talent for all that.
It made him a great teacher, a valuable inspiration, a humble but essential pillar of countless scenes and communities.

The best revenge against his premature passing away is to continue his legacy.
Be equally generous. Be more like Marc.
Even if you never met him.

Mh wondering right now if using Anaconda was such a good idea in the first place

Remember that time in the late 90s when CPU sockets were replaced by CPU slots, on which you'd plug a "Single Edge Contact Cartridge"?

(pics from

The final act of Kentucky Route Zero will be released at the end of the month

cc @ghostlevel

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