Is it me or... we had a moment when Mastodon was in a lot of conversations re:twitter. Now we're having a moment where twitter is heavily criticised (trump, moderation, blue checkmarks), but I see almost no mentions of Mastodon as a simple alternative?
(and I don't believe it's because *these people* already left to Mastodon)

@yhancik …maybe because Mastodon is an alternative, but not a simple alternative.

@despens do you mean this as not a simple solution to a complex issue, or not simple to use for the end user?

@yhancik Mastodon could be a solution, but it is not simple social-infrastructure-wise, and therefore, not simple for the user.

Mastodon is likely to attract the same type of bad people as Twitter does, or be attacked with spam, etc.

With Mastodon, users have to be much more engaged, support their instance, run their own instance, find their friends online, etc. Twitter is a commercial service that "does it all for you."

Decentralization itself doesn't solve most of Twitter's issues.

@despens yup these are good points indeed.

The underlying technology, centralised or not, won't be a solution. Still, I see a lot of people being unhappy with the way things work now, and they don't have much choice except tagging or deleting their account. I think exploring alternatives would be an empowering, fun adventure. Even if it doesn't work out, I think they would learn a lot from it, or even just that alternatives are possible and the social web complicated ;)

When projects like this one come up: it is clear that the model social media is currently running on won't work for much longer 😀

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