Anyway the sound of my old Nokia appears to be slowly dying, making it hard to hear what's being said (no it's not my hearing yet, I swear), and uh, beside good old Nokia, are there other brands making non-smart brick phones that are worth it?

(no I still don't feel like getting one of these large, fragile, battery hungry, addictive, pricey pocket computers. I want something I don't need to worry about whatsoever)


(I hate phonecalls but last week I was stuck in a hotel lobby in Madrid, on the phone with the event organiser who invited me and I realised it's hardly ideal to not get to hear properly what's being said so uhm yeah)

@yhancik I seen there are still nokia feature phone produced and sold (ex nokia 105 for <20€ at your local vdbore store) (was considering it too ;) )

@Olm_e c'est le plan, à moins qu'un quelconque challenger n'émerge ;)

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