, day 12 is entirely inspired by the manual dithering of @liaizon :

But I did it algorithmically because I'm lazy :blobshh:

"Manual dithering done algorithmically"

I think that's what is usually referred to as "dithering"

I have to say, it's pretty amazing that Bryce 3D (1997) still runs on Windows 10, in 2021

蟲 ▯▯, day 21 :"},▯▯▯▯

, day 22 :▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯, day 23 :

Phew, something was clogging up the tube, hopefully it's fixed now ;p

@yhancik this is lovely! I just got distracted and missed day 12 and 13! so glad you took my place! what is the dithering done in? can I send you a drawing to run through your dithering algo?

@liaizon sure, or i can also send you the silly Processing code. It's nothing fancy and i think I accidentally just reinvented Random Dithering :p (just with added some randomness in the dots size, to match your own drawings)

@liaizon it fits a toot!
PImage img;
void setup(){
img = loadImage("ok.png");

for (int i = 0; i < 55500; i++){
int posX = floor(random(img.width));
int posY = floor(random(img.height));
int pidx = posY * img.width + posX;
color col = img.pixels[pidx];
float proba = random(255);
if(proba*0.5 < brightness(col)){

@liaizon not even sure the "proba*0.5", it was a last minute change before posting it, I didn't put any thoughts in it

@yhancik do you know if I need a full install of processing to run this or could I use a browser based p5 version ?

@yhancik on an unrelated note I didn’t know you were in the webring 🖤really need to redo my whole site super not happy with it. Everyone else has such nice ones and mine is not at all what I want. I keep having false starts building something I am happy with

@liaizon ahah yes I didn't make any announcement because I still want to improve that site. And I know too well what you mean, I was feeling exactly the same and I've meant to update it for a couple of years. It's only this summer that I managed to get an acceptable result!

@liaizon mhh good question, I'm far less familiar with p5.js. I think what might be the most problematic is loading the picture :

@yhancik Oh wow, I saw your first toot and it didn't click until I saw this one. Yeah, that's pretty amazing :)

@yhancik yep, retro-compatibility of the x86 instruction set :)

@yhancik Je sais plus si j'ai utilisé celui là, je pense plus probablement Terragen à la même époque mais je sais plus si c'était sur Amiga 1200 (boosté) ou PC. (Je penche pour Amiga mais...)
Si jamais tu essaies Caligari TrueSpace sur PC (version 90s), tu me diras :) Gros souvenir de celui-là, qui semblait tellement user-friendly (ou peut-être juste "moderne") en venant de LightWave3D sur Amiga, ou du moins en apparence (J'ai pas non plus souvenir de LightWave comme spécialement complexe)

@yhancik Si c'était sur Amiga c'était plus peut-être VistaPro cependant
(Ou alors j'ai "utilisé" les deux. Enfin, disons testé/utilisé une fois ou deux, juste)

@ghostlevel j'en n'ai jamais utilisé aucun, c'était ma première fois avec Bryce :D

@ghostlevel @yhancik j'ai trouvé Terragen plutôt bluffant à l'époque (sur PC, Pentium MMX)

@yhancik wow. Purée, il y en avait de gros fans de ce programmes quand j'étudiais "l'image numérique" à l'époque.

@xuv y'a même un des profs qui est resté fan d'un de ces logiciels de génération de terrains ;)

@yhancik ;) Ce qui est dingue, c'est qu'il est resté prof. ;)

@xuv esthétique vaguement repopularisée par ce channel Youtube qui poste plein de vieilleries dnb avec des visuels de circonstance ;)

@yhancik just for today..
I'm doing w O r K t o b e r all month!

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