Paul Frazee (SSB, Beaker) is introducing yet again his new project, Atek "a home cloud that uses peer-to-peer tech to connect you to anyone"

@yhancik so it promote p2p tech on centralised add platform without passing through actual p2p networks ...

I would think it's "just another scam" of someone that has not an cm of notion of progressive culture change and no idea of where the general public is in relation to the subject (i.e. : nowhere) ...

pfff ... :/
not buying this kind of nerd paladin knight stuff anymore, it's just distracting from real ground work (i.ex. education on the basis)

@Olm_e @yhancik Paul has been working on low level p2p stuff for years and in helping with education. He was mostly posting everything on the p2p platform that he was coding for a good while.

@liaizon so on his own super elitist (pardon the word) platform that "noone" uses

do you understand the distance from that from the "usual group/person trying to use it's dumbphone to contact his·her family/friends/sportclub"?

he might be "well-intentioned" (it's why I call it a "white paladin") but it's also so in it's ivory tower of good intends it's actually doing bad/dumb/stupidifying effect on the common people > think "decentralized internet" is some kind of curious wizardry


@Olm_e @yhancik @liaizon Please don't yuck other people's yum, it doesn't make you look good and it absolutely won't detract them from doing what they want.

@hypolite sorry, it's not the point : I don't "yuck", or detract someone to play their toys,
but I'm criticizing the "techological solutionism" other could think would 'save the internet', as it won't happen, and actually detract from real education works on the ground on actual working tools
@yhancik @liaizon

@Olm_e @hypolite @liaizon I don't feel I should need to justify sharing things on here, but here we go again.

I'm absolutely averse to tech solutionism as well, and whenever I share with a wider audience (wider than our Masto niche here) my interest, curiosity or even excitation for these wonky experiments, I always take the precaution of saying that I don't see any "solution" or "the future" in it.

So if my stance wasn't clear enough yet, through the years, I hope it is now.


@Olm_e @hypolite @liaizon I shared Paul's streams because I'm always curious about what he's up to (not thinking he'll Save The Internet), and I know other followers here are too. It had just started a couple of minutes ago and I wanted them to get a chance to catch it if they wanted.

@yhancik funny you feel compelled to justify, as it's the initial intend/posture I criticize ... but it comes out well to precise things ...and yes indeed there are people with wide exposure that pretend dat/gemini/etc is/could be the future of the internetz and it's disheartening

_please_ don't lecture me on decentralization
just think on why this guy need a centralized ad network to talk about his work, and don't offer any decentralized option to follow it's thinking ?


@Olm_e @yhancik @liaizon Because they aren’t a decentralization maximalist like you and considered the best way to publish their video and ended up choosing YouTube despite not being decentralized.

Who’s the white paladin now? Projecting much?

@hypolite and you are the troll with a yum in which a fly has landed ... ok I get it ;)

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