I think I'm going to watch ALL the Drum & Bass On The Bike videos. Twice. Maybe more. So much good vibes, it instantly puts a stupid smile on my face. It's hard to explain, I mean, it's only a guy DJing on a bike, which is a pretty cool idea, but it feels like much more than that.

This conveys an equally absurd and tremendous positivity that shines in the bleakness of these times... It just clicks, maybe because it feels out of place yet exactly at the right time and at the right place.


@ice same same same.

I was watching the Manchester one earlier today, and the smiles on everyone's face - his included - is so communicative. And there's definitely something (particularly in that one) about a whole crew of cyclists of all ages reclaiming the road for a mobile rave.

This is the future I want.

@yhancik Yeah, it's really something special. I can't get over how natural it feels, despite the crazy blend of invisible tech needed to make it happen.

The result is simple, strangely surprising and casual at the same time. And it has a strong DIY futuristic vibe, though not immediately noticeable. It's not as transgressive as a rave, but it has a similar vibe.

I've just watched the one where he jumps in the river. It feels like an inverted Black Mirror episode where nothing goes wrong :)

@ice @yhancik can’t believe he’s live mixing / beat matching too, I constantly forget while I’m watching

@exquisitecorp @yhancik Yeah, and he customized his bike to make it possible, tried different models... He’s got some skills for sure. It’s funny to think he’s into karting and works in auto repair yet ended up on a bike.

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