The GPU saga continues. After the death of my 9 years old Radeon in March, it seems that its replacement was faulty and (at least) always freezes at ~50-55°c.

My researches showed that:
- wow a lot of people complain about issues with AMD cards
- their software is still as bad, if not worse

Switching back to Nvidia then .___.

This is my least favourite part of computing. Troubleshooting hardware is so ungrateful, there's often little you can do. And hardware purchases always make me anxious.

Note, @kant, nos 6870 nous ont rendu de fiers services sans défaillir (enfin jusqu'à mars :p). Et j'ai pas eu le souvenir d'avoir de problèmes avec les drivers.

@yhancik en effet. Gulps, J'espère que tout va bien se passer quand je vais sortir mon ordi de sa torpeur...

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