It's frustrating when young people are so conservative about techniques. The school system often pushes a certain kind of conformity and from the other side the job market often instills the idea that one needs to have "skills" that can be reduced to standardized techniques. For me that means that a lot of 19-year-olds think I'm a crazy heretic when I suggest that you can make a compelling image without using a particular product from the Adobe Corporation.

@KnowPresent for the current assignment, I'm asking my students to make a website with pictures that fits on a floppy disk, inviting them to explore low tech aesthetics (like limited palettes with dithering, etc). I'd still love some day to force them to create pics only using something like Photoshop 1.0 or MacPaint or Deluxe Paint running in an emulator ;)


@KnowPresent oh and they'll have to share it on Dat/Beaker ;)

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