My right speaker stopped working, this is inconvenient

@yhancik "power you can count on"

i give they never miss, huh?


more seriously: i bet it's a bad capacitor and you could fix it if you know how to solder?

@lyliawisteria i think it's just the cable linking to the right speaker, i've had sound disappear a couple of times when I was moving the cable in the past weeks. Now the question is whether I want to fix my persistent but kinda crap speakers from the mid-90s, or finally invest in something that sounds good ;)

@yhancik i dunno, do they have good drivers or are they $5 PC speakers in a fancy box?

@lyliawisteria they're cheap, but not the worst Cheap Speakers I've heard in my life. After all these years I'm used to their cheapish sound, but I reckon it's probably not offering the best listening experience :p

@yhancik wondering if I don't have a pair too somewhere ... will look for it ;)

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