reading this article on how metastasizing corporate social media suffocated community on the internet (in particular art communities like deviantart) makes me think that—like learning html and css—learning how to set up and administer and customize your own installation of forum/community software should be considered a basic part of internet literacy

@aparrish ooof, so much to be said! DeviantArt was my first "social network" so it brings a lot of memories ;)

All places seem to go through their own Eternal September, don't they? Around 2002-2003, DA knew a large influx of furries artist, refugees from a board that recently closed, and it was already seen as something killing the "real spirit" of the website ;)

@aparrish DA moderators, around the same era, managed to alienate several artists close to my heart. Their idea of "If it could hang in a museum" was sometimes way more limited than how it sounds. And that's how I slowly drifted away from DA.. also because a lot of my DA friends started a Livejournal ;)


@aparrish but back to the article, I think it's also missing something about the impact of "apps" vs the old www (something kinda captured here

Tumblr has indeed customisable themes, but I get the feeling that an increasing number of users just interact with it through the app. Apps comes with such a different type of interaction / expected convenience, and such a different mode of distribution (under the control of Apple and its store)...

@aparrish (sorry just a bunch of random thoughts. Back to work, and see you on Thursday!)

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