Somebody posted some original DV footage from Waking Life before rotoscopy, and that......... feels weird

My parent at 37: I am 37 years old

Me at 37: I am 37 years old

It's called onion routing, yet most illustrations show tubes

Growing every day more tired of having to read about NFTs on my Twitter TL

(sorry to have exposed you to that cursed acronym, i needed to vent)

I dream of a future where copy-pasting from
a PDF results in a properly unwrap- ped text.

It's always unrealistic to expect public software to move at the same speed as centralized closed source.

Hiring developers to work full time on something with a centralized architecture is the fastest way to produce software. This is essentially the moving ecosystem argument. But it's exceptionally rare that public projects have access to the capital needed for that pace, and it's also debatable whether development needs to move at the fastest possible speed anyway. Allowing time for consideration and feedback as features are being developed may be the best way in the long run. Developing with, rather than developing for.

But then of course there's always the Keynes quote about the long run.

Anthony is packed with alternates for most letters that are pseudo-randomly picked when you write some text.

Anthony is free and open-source. Download, use, modify, share.

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Here comes Anthony, our latest release! German based Korean designer Sun Young Oh created Anthony as an homage to the British sculptor Anthony Caro. The form of this typeface comes from his sculptures that are leaning against each other.

The vernissage of 'What does this have to do with everything else?' is coming up this Thursday. The vernissage is free but registration is required. Some timeslots are already full so don't wait too long to make your reservation!

See you on Thursday!
All info & reservations:

Why on earth
did i get a follow
from a
g i t m o . life

Please remember: functional cookies (login session, shopping carts) do not need user consent. So every time you see one of this oversized cookie banners someone is trying (often through dark patterns) to make you accept the whole tracking and spying as well. Don't be mad at the legislative for creating the need for tracking consent. Be mad at the websites that are trying to stir you up against that law by annoying you with those banners.

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