Released the Digital Folklore Reader, originally published as a book in 2009, on dat:// — see dat:// or

Stolen from Pol Clarissou on Twitter:

Color by Katie Gately (2016)

(if you like multilayered digital pop - something vaguely in the neighbourhood of Holly Herndon)

I tried to configure a Raspberry Pi to autologin, but I think something is wwrroonngg

I just realised Google News has an automatic Satire detection, which of course was a bad idea.

Here's for example some real news from France 24 (French public tv channel - kinda equivalent to BBC World News) flagged as "Satire".

Paul Soulellis on Urgentcraft:

Doing what you can
Modest tools and materials
The slow gesture of maintenance
Interference / good trouble
Illegibility / refusal
Collective care
Resist design perfection


Mais bon, c'est quand même tellement plus important de transférer vers ses régions les quelques compétences restant à un état fédéral de 30000km² ヽ( ̄~ ̄ )ノ

There's a reprint of the catalogue of Cybernetic Serendipity , a 1968 exhibition of "cybernetic art" that had computer generated text, music, graphics, robotic art, video art, installations, ...

"Cartographer, a web-based exploration of a procedural world. Leave pins around the world for other travelers to find."

A stupid script that generates basic @font-face rules based on the font files in a directory (doesn't handle multiple sources and stuff because i didn't need it)

"Curated by Valentina Tanni, Eternal September, The Rise of Amateur Culture is a group exhibition that explores the relationship between professional art making and the rising of amateur cultural movements through the web (...)"

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So when you turn your favourite printer on, chances that it spits out this beautiful thing right into the absorber pads.

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