(fortunately for me, there aren't that many things I can *so* closely relate to in Disco Elysium - at least so far)

Be openmindedly curious about people and the world.
Listen genuinely.
Share your findings enthusiastically.
Connect ideas, and people.

Marc had a dedication and a natural talent for all that.
It made him a great teacher, a valuable inspiration, a humble but essential pillar of countless scenes and communities.

The best revenge against his premature passing away is to continue his legacy.
Be equally generous. Be more like Marc.
Even if you never met him.

One of the reasons why you get slightly dramatic news articles about Windows 7 end-of-life is that at least MS publishes their end-of-life schedule.

Apple support their OSes barely 3 years, but you don't hear about it because they have no official policy.

So Apple looks again like the good guy, and Microsoft as the mean soulless corporation.

... which they are, for absolutely different reasons like collaborating with ICE.

Life is short. Death is not.
Your best friend is a wi-fi spot.

#GPT2 #RhymeWithAI

cauliflower morgan queenchandrelle 

cauliflower morgan queenchandrelle 

I swear this year I'll finally remake my website.

see also: image dithering algorithm previews via WebGL dithermark.com

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