Today's jam is listening to Chain Reaction releases at half their original speed

👇🏻 re: previous boost. I keep repeating, when talking about these alternatives, that I don't see any as The Solution, but that I see value in experimenting with them anyway, as small joyful escapes, as a way to reclaim agency, etc. I guess was partly reacting to how some evangelists insist that their tech of choice is The One That Invalidates All The Others.

I admit I never considered bringing these together though, but that's a spirit I can 100% get behind.

I wrote a thing about why I believe the best and most useful decentralized applications are going to be the ones that utilize multiple protocols. I imagine a world where ActivityPub, Dat, and Secure ScuttleButt are all seen as tools in a toolbox rather than as ecosystems, and what kind of amazing software we could build with them outside of the central/corporate paradigm.

Dave's Doo-doo! reminder that my soundcloud bot David Doo-Doo generates doo-doo tunes: the song "doo-dooo doooo doo-doo doooo doooo" is particularly good.

Eco-fascism is undergoing a revival in the fetid culture of the extreme right

> Some see looming ecological collapse as an opportunity to re-order society along their preferred, frankly genocidal, lines

"Critics have of late discerned a tendency towards a "chill" aesthetic in popular music (...) Looking to algorithmic curation of music on streaming platforms, this presentation examines the contemporary tendency for unmooring contemporary popular music from the figure or history, the displacement of narrative by texture, and the emotional blankness all this entails, along with the ways in which this enables the continued production of user data with minimal friction"

Le CM du Twitter de l' "Agence Wallonne pour la Promotion d’une Agriculture de Qualité" a manifestement décidé que la meilleure façon de promouvoir l'image de l'agriculture wallone était de moquer les végétariens avec un article de Vice relayant une fausse enquête 👍

Contrairement à ce que pourrait laisser croire ce titre écrit avec les pieds, non, Ryanair n'est pas en train de ramener des morceaux du Royaume-Uni en Europe.

Je ne suis pas vraiment ce qui se passe sur Youtube, mais cette vidéo est intéressante : “On S'est Planté...”, par Partager C'est Sympa et Biais Vert

Où on se rend compte que le clicktivisme ne marche absolument pas.

but then you find your face on

yesterday i finally merged some contributions from @RangerMauve into dat-gateway in anticipation of some very cool demos that allow you to use dat archives in client-side js without beaker or browser plugins. you can try it out with my gateway:

for example:

"This is a zine about music, communities, decentralized technologies, and building a future that makes your heart flutter. It is about how coders can use their excitement about emerging technology to help their local music community flourish."


Videos of our Reclaim the Web! event from last December (with @raphaelbastide, @kodedninja & Zenna Fiscella) talking about Dat/Beaker & Scuttlebutt are online!

for my oulipo friends, another thing I can do with this model: by zeroing out the possibility of certain letters during inference, I can automatically spell words phonetically without using particular letters. random examples:

emptier → imptiar
relies → rilis
checkers → chackirs
interpreter → inturpruttor
commenter → commnttor
ireene → irin
preference → proffrints
reiteration → ritiration
nineteen → ninitin
coherent → cohirant
breadbasket → brodbastach
repeal → rippill
groceries → grossiri's

「a huge array – over 50 – of Mute artists including Depeche Mode, Yann Tiersen, Liars, Silicon Teens, Irmin Schmidt and many more, all presenting their own interpretation of one piece of music: John Cage’s game-changing composition, 4’33”」

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