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1 December 2018, 🇧🇪

Discover and experience the P2P web! Talks & workshops with Zenna Fiscella, @raphaelbastide and @kodedninja


- running your own Flickr can be expensive because gigabytes are expensive. We must keep these alternatives open to those who can't afford it (we've all been there at some point). It's nothing new, but I think it might have to become a more conscious move now: in supporting (for example) your instance, you're helping your admin and allowing people who can't pay to have a voice.

(but yes, i'm afraid that without ads & investors, we'll have overal to pay a bit more than 0€ for our freedom ;))

Some thoughts:

- companies with their policy changes not open to discussion are not to be trusted with our memories and history

- we must favour alternatives that offer us more agency, but how can we make sure they're actually better?

- federated or P2P alternatives can be fragile, so must offer ways to easily transfer the entirety of our data/identity/history between servers/instances/peers/etc

- I wish there was a PixelFed that was more Flickr than Instagram

Flickr are ending their plan that offerer 1TB with free accounts, which is fair. But they also decided to limit free accounts to 1000 pictures, and to delete next February all the oldest pictures that go above that limit.

(Retro-)actively deleting free users archives is a very sad decision that entirely ignores our growing concern with digital memory/heritage/history.


Incredible essay by Marie Hicks on how the UK failed to maintain its lead in the computing industry by consistently marginalising woman programmers: logicmag.io/05-how-to-kill-you


"I am arguing that ignorance of, or strictly superficial engagement with, technology is creating similar blind spots in art as the same behaviors toward gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and geography did in the past.

By and large, we in the traditional art world are not doing the research. We are not engaging earnestly with unfamiliar communities. We are not questioning the story being blasted out to us by the people with the loudest, most expensive megaphones."

@yhancik ce qui est passé dans le projecteur durant ces 2 jours :)

This is so nice flowerpower.gallery

"No two LEDs are alike. Like flowers, there are many different species— each germinated from the unpredictable. We use LEDs to grow flowers, and we use flowers to harness energy. (...)

This series takes a loving and intimate look at electronic hardware - a closeness previously limited to the study of that which is considered ‘natural’. Just as each petal grows differently, each LED bulb is unique and deserving of equal tenderness."

I know the world is a mess, but remember to also post some nice, positive, cool stuff here, or Mastodon will end being pretty depressing place (tbh it already feels like it sometimes and I've been avoiding it as a result).

the new Demdike Stare is neat! youtube.com/watch?v=H8vNNMUWU4

I don't know if I should glad that at least there are conversations about art, or tired that we're still having the *same* conversation in 2018


the AI art auction reminds us how 'AI' is a narrative for obscuring and not attributing the human work behind it. The algorithm did it. Not the assemblage of AI artists, software engineers, 'turkers' doing image captioning... And the art world equally obscures its sources.

here's a version in the p5js web editor you can play around with editor.p5js.org/allison.parris (click on the name of the sketch to access the editor)

Do I know anyone who has any experience in (events) streaming with remote controlled camera (like pan-tilt-zoom ones). Especially wondering about existing free/open software solutions for remote control :)

@raphaelbastide (ça donne envie de dessiner le reste de l'image, où tu fais 93kg et portes un ballon de rugby ;))

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