"Voice chat with an RPG map. Volume scales with distance from other users"


I have been made aware of the soundtrack for Bomberman Hero and losing my mind over how good it is youtube.com/watch?v=RIca6YfvTa

:boost_ok: Interested in shader coding? Want to learn how to do it? Fill out the Suricrasia Online Shader Coding Seminar Preliminary Interest Survey! 🎨💥🦈

Based on the responses I might do some kind of teaching thing for shader coding!


This weekend I'm offering a unique service: Send me a sentence that uses the word "experience" to describe a process involving computers. I will remove or replace "experience" from that sentence. Screenshots welcome!

@ me or reply to this tweet, paste text or screenshot.

should have my website show a message if you _don’t_ have an adblocker installed recommending that you get one

The Animal Crossing Teledildonics project and Console Game Haptics Router are in Daily Dot today! dailydot.com/irl/animal-crossi

For more than a year, I've been researching subjective moderation systems as part of my Master's thesis. What I ended up with is TrustNet, a system for representing, and interacting with, computational trust.


In the linked article, I summarize my research, link to the academic article I wrote, the code I produced, and the 30 minute Master's thesis presentation I held at the end of May.

Semipalatinsk, soviet nuclear test site in Kazakhstan. Photo: Alain Nogues

A twitter thread by Suyi Davies Okungbowa on the “Africa is better off from the results of colonization” argument.


a lot of people talk about the GeoCities aesthetic but i 100% honestly think it's high time we move away from that and start talking about the Y2Kweb™ aesthetic because it's [chef's kiss]

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this isn't finished but i decided to make a y2kweb-inspired 'stream is starting soon' banner:

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