For a workshop, a #Brussels based #school is looking for someone from Belgium/the Netherlands/France to give a workshop in #Blender, especially focussed on the #video editing part. Some animation is welcome too.
This person should give the workshop in Dutch or English. The framework is F/Loss in education, in the edit studio context.

This is a (modestly - education!) paid job, in January 2021, for one afternoon.
Please #boost & thanks!

Send me a DM if you are interested

every time someone buys the album, a new track is created on demand as an autoedit from the original session

I've always been conflict-avoiding, I fully realise it's at least partly cowardly of me.
This ongoing pandemy is the first event to eventually tear my comfortable filter bubble into people who support the Covid measures, and those who somewhat oppose to these. There's a point where it's hard, if not frankly irresponsible to remain silent while seeing bullshit posted online, and that makes me feel so bad/nervous.

Je vais essayer de voir si ça marche sur le fediverse français

Je recherche une alternance sur Paris dans le développement web (front-end/webdesign tout particulièrement), si vous avez des contacts ou besoin d'infos vous pouvez aller dans me DMs

Reposts appréciés pliz

On a donc un fournisseur d'accès à internet qui vend la chaîne télé d'une fédération sportive proposée par une entreprise de taxis qui fait de la livraison de repas. Si j'ai bien suivi.

🤓 Fellow glasses wearers: have you found any kind of mask that doesn't shift your glasses up/down/forward, or are we stuck with single-use ones?

If something is wrong enough to get angry about as a matter of principle, there's no point in picking a scapegoat and harassing them.

When you're pissed at something on the internet, you can write a comprehensive rebuttal to convince the world to agree with you, or not -- there's no shortage of people willing to argue with you.

When you're pissed at some*one* on the internet, you need to ask yourself -- is this their fault, or is there a deeper issue that you're ACTUALLY mad at?

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Struggling to *just* regard Orange San Francisco as a cool aesthetic

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