I think this sentiment that one day, all art is going to be made by algorithms, really reflects society's belief that people who make art do so because they're uniquely good at it, and once something that is better than them, they lose their right to make it.
But fundamentally, art exists because people like making it. As long as someone out there wants to make art, there will be art made by people.

That's a test image that works well with that display's colour palette

📔The Book of Endless History📔
An infinite, fantastical Wikipedia generated in the style of Borges and Calvino.


by @kleptine@twitter.com

So, AI Dungeon 2 has been making the rounds on Twitter and it's pretty amazing. It basically fine-tunes the GPT-2 text model on text adventure transcripts and creates something interactive and remarkably coherent, like having an improv partner. It's ridiculously good.


btw do you remember when fullscreen was a paid, Quicktime Pro feature?

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