i've been using this little (very lovely) tool for thinking for the past few days and it's amazing.


"bitcoin is converting capitalism directly into climate change" - Harald Lesch

I use #TiddlyWiki as my first page and sort of bookmarks file, but it's not as convenient to use these days, because it's more difficult to save changes than it used to be in older Firefoxes. So I figured that hmm, how about a wiki that you can use as just a local file, but which uses localStorage?

Seems like quik-wik.5apps.com/ might be one. I'll have a look.

I found it on wiki.remotestorage.io/Apps as it also supports @remotestorage , pretty cool!

There's a whole bunch of apps there actually, I should look it through and try a couple of them out.


I was looking at github.com/vilmibm/puppet-tild which kinda automates the management of users (ssh access & nginx location blocks, among other things) for tilde.club, and I was wondering if anyone knows about something similar?

I'm setting up a local server for our Digital Art students (with @ogre). Any suggestion for a fun hostname? :p

Because I'm so easily suggestible that made me want to listen to Dark Side of the Moon

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