"Material Daydream"

Revised final version. Made the colors softer. More of a mellow, matte paper effect.

#p5js #theObservatory #theWorkshop

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Another one of my fav 1bit works from the last century is Hidden Agenda, a 1988 "post-revolutionary" sim sitting somewhere between Reigns & Fate of the World.

There's a let's play youtube.com/watch?v=wEG-h7KR6U
and it's on archive.org archive.org/details/msdos_Hidd


and let me share the Kaos 1 packaging with you with because it was HAWT

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Still posting some vintage 1bit inspiration of your people 🖤

These are from the 3rd issue of the Kaos electronic literature magazine, made in , released in 1993

COVID19, humour I guess? 

Here is a 1-hour video where I walk you through how to use HyperCard and HyperTalk to make interactive stuff! (I don't discuss how to get an emulator set up, sorry) #hyperjam


Still in 1bit aesthetic, here's one you can try directly without relying on my screenshots archive :
SOD, JODI's 1999 mod of Wolfenstein 3D


My contribution to will be to share some ancient content for inspiration. Jaime Levy had a and MacroMind (yes!) Director magazine on floppy called Cyber Rag. Here are some pics!

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