During my cleaning (😥) I was reminded we had profiles there. Apparently I haven't updated mine in centuries. It even has a link to my Odeo (which kinda was "the flickr for audio", and where Twitter was born)


remember, remember
the endless september

finishing up my sfpc slides for tomorrow's workshop and i've got Opinions

i guess the internet is just now predominantly the place where stuff happens, rather than the place you take refuge from stuff happening, and i miss that

So I downloaded my Flickr archive and it's ... 650Mb. It holds on a CD, and yet I have to delete 2/3rd of it because err... photographers are bad at math or something blog.flickr.net/2018/11/01/cha

I took a random pair of socks from my suitcase and I’m not sure what to think anymore.

I love Python but Jesus Christ, when it's not working, it's not. working.

Successive projects created to understand what went suddenly wrong with my Python install (the last one was made around 1:36am - I'm sorry)

Our friend @darius has made a tool to convert your website RSS into an automated Mastodon account that appears into the timeline and that can be followed.

Check it out here: bots.tinysubversions.com/conve

Le regroupement d'articles sur Google News est parfois un peu à côté de la plaque. C'est souvent pas très grave, mais ça crée à l'occasion des liens narratifs assez interpellants

C'est parfait pour faire un Top de l'Année 2018 et l'envoyer à @joachim :D

I love these hand-drawn abstract geometric gifs—so much care and so many interesting decisions (i.e. the strokes in the markers) in translating these shapes and motions to "physical" form thisiscolossal.com/2018/11/han (via mltshp.com/p/1F5H2)

hi we are giving a small workshop in London during Anti-university week looking at p2p web hosting and browsing using Dat + beaker (we will share our workshop notes/slides for anyone interested ) eventbrite.co.uk/e/p-2-p-inter

Hi #Tumblr peeps!

If you're looking for something more Tumblr-like (but also federated), I recommend checking out Diaspora (diasporafoundation.org). It's very like what you'd get if Tumblr and Facebook had a baby.

Either way, welcome!

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