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Just a reminder to new Mastodon folks: if you want to join an instance where the only letter you can use is "e", I run dolphin.town and registrations are open!

I'm slightly worried about the way some concerns/criticism toward alternatives (Mastodon, dat, ...) are formulated.
There is a burgeoning curiosity and excitation from, among others, non-tech users. I think it’s valuable in itself, and must be preserved.

Today I learned that the visuals of Stakker's Eurotechno appeared in a noodles ad youtube.com/watch?v=Bs0WCUZqoJ that induced seizures in 3 people and lead to the creation of the Harding test en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harding_

iMAL () is having a on using the multiplayer features of the game engine + algorithmic composition tool to create collaborative audiovisual experiences.

28 + 29 Aug.

More info: imal.org/en/masterclass/marko-



"Make a huge impact at your next event with your very own inflatable colon!"

We've gone full circle, and now there are articles describing why you can do more with blogging than with microblogging theoutline.com/post/5811/why-t

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I actually really love that Mastodon doesn't show fav/RT numbers by default.

By louis-charlestiar.com who seems to be a quite talented person, and what am I doing with my life, urgh, jeez

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me at 10 years old: i want superpowers! like flying, and telekinesis!
me at 30 years old: i want superpowers! like not being afraid of getting yelled at, and making phone calls!

I don't think I shared it here yet, but L'Rain debut album is fucking amazing 💜🖤


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Your true friends are the ones who install your obscure messenger app just to speak to you

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another trick to having a good time on mastodon imo: start tooting about anything other than mastodon

Because I had forgotten how to do it (so it might be useful to others) ⬇

If you want to boost/fav a toot from a user you're not following, on an instance different from yours, you can copy the post url in the search field.

It displays the post "locally" (and lets you interact with it)