Kevin Hoerr (old) has moved to

Kevin Hoerr (old)

Moving to ~ You can find me at @kjhoerr


Anyone use Thinking of getting off the ground there and looking for a more permanent home in the meantime

If Buster was a Milford man, then John Cena was THE Milford man

Remember how systemd starting as root if the username starts with a digit isn't a bug? Turns out they're technically right. It's not a bug.

It's a bug worthy of a CVE. CVE-2017-1000082, which had to be requested by third parties. Like, I suspect, every systemd CVE ever.

So 8 hours later I can cross off making a dev VM off my ~14 item to-do list

unfortunately, making the VM wasn't actually on the list

ok, done. summary of toot recency for people i follow on this account:

Mean: 21 days ago
Median: 2 days ago
Max: 99 days ago

so, for folks i follow ~ 60% of them have tooted in the last week

Almost a week later and my domain is still processing. Is everyone on vacation yet?

"I've been working on documentation all day. Can't wait to get home and do something else for a change"

> Gets home

> Does more documentation

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Moved from Tusky to Twidere. 10/10 would switch again

"How did game developers pack entire games into so little memory twenty five years ago?" Quora, awesome answer

tfw you try to send a toot with <esc>:wq

Okay, that's it.

alias gut='git';

I'm done with qwerty

Found this today:

Needl :

What it does is it creates traffic that is ment to look like real user traffic so that it makes finding your "real" traffic a lot harder.

Interesting idea, though I am not sure how effective it would really be.

Systemd has a bug where user names starting with a digit cause the user daemon to run with root privileges. According to the creator of systemd, this is not a bug and everything is fine. The reason everything is fine is because names like this, which are explicitly permitted by the base standards, are forbidden and tools shouldn't allow creating these names, so it's a bug in the tools for permitting names permitted by the standard.

Fsck systemd.