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Kevin Hoerr (old) @yetitaxxi

Moving to ~ You can find me at @kjhoerr


@kara_dreamer @kyzh It's a shared hosting provider for Mastodon instances

Anyone use Thinking of getting off the ground there and looking for a more permanent home in the meantime

If Buster was a Milford man, then John Cena was THE Milford man

Remember how systemd starting as root if the username starts with a digit isn't a bug? Turns out they're technically right. It's not a bug.

It's a bug worthy of a CVE. CVE-2017-1000082, which had to be requested by third parties. Like, I suspect, every systemd CVE ever.

So 8 hours later I can cross off making a dev VM off my ~14 item to-do list

unfortunately, making the VM wasn't actually on the list

@Jameshjacksonjr I definitely agree! I've moved from Steam to GOG and I can't wait to move away from gapps

ok, done. summary of toot recency for people i follow on this account:

Mean: 21 days ago
Median: 2 days ago
Max: 99 days ago

so, for folks i follow ~ 60% of them have tooted in the last week

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Almost a week later and my domain is still processing. Is everyone on vacation yet?

"I've been working on documentation all day. Can't wait to get home and do something else for a change"

> Gets home

> Does more documentation

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@tqft yeah, it's definitely quite different from the web UI. It has a lot more features though, and it seems fairly reliable

Moved from Tusky to Twidere. 10/10 would switch again

@Talyaa yeah, according to Mustor's app page, you have to pay $0.99 to remove ads. Blech.

@elisa we can all blame Amazon Prime for shortening the amount of buyer's remorse we feel