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Kevin Hoerr @yetitaxxi

It seems like the BSD projects are mostly hindered by the speed of the porting teams. Projects like DragonflyBSD and TrueOS have some interesting technology behind them but lack either the simple or the modern front end to handle the expectations of modern users.

Once Plasma gets ported I'll probably try to jump to TrueOS as my daily driver. I'm sticking with Manjaro in the meantime.

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Someone go start a cell phone carrier that bundles exactly one carrier app on every phone they sell: a personal oauth2 provider app.

I'm waiting.

@XOR I guess it's a scale of how broken that what you're trying to use is, and how much you're trying to go against the intended functionality. I'd just say as long as it fits the defined requirements and can be tested reliably 🙈

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@evenorbert the best programmers I've know prefer to spend the majority of their time away from computers.
I found this bizarre when I was young, but now I'm the same way.
Most of my programming happens in my head, preferably somewhere outside, and I only use a computer for data entry and debugging.

After working this month as a software developer, I feel like any problem can be solved with a bit of abstract thinking.

Next month, I expect to learn how wrong I am

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Any machine is a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough.

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Proposing a new #LibreMonday recurring #hashtag. Who's in?

The idea: #showcase free/libre and open source source (#FLOSS) projects that you like, giving a screenshot and basic information + links.

This should help many of us #Mastodon users discover hidden gems of the #FreeSoftware ecosystem.

Please boost 🍍 and give it a go!

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IDEA: A tool that indexes toots and generates a directory of users organized by interest, based on hashtags used, to make it easier to find people to follow

Oo, Mastodon has a account deletion feature now. I feel like I can safely recommend it to all my friends

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you can't skip leg day. you can hear them in the distance, thundering just over the horizon. the legs are coming

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And what's the whole "bubble" thing anyway? You already live in a bubble, that's why you have followings and a home TL instead of watching and marking as read every toot sent in the world.

The whole point of this network is to make accurate bubbles of people you want to listen to.

You want to listen to transhobes? Then fucking admit it, so I can properly tell you to please get the fuck out of my sight.

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I am happy that Torvalds is happy. :)

“I really like what I’m doing. I like waking up and having a job that is technically interesting and challenging without being too stressful so I can do it for long stretches; something where I feel I am making a real difference and doing something meaningful not just for me.”

#linux #torvalds

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@hauntedlatte It's tangent to your request, but might also be interesting for folks following your thread: tries to focus on people willing to start with FOSS but without knowledge of what to do.

An instance where the toots get jealous and make their own accounts on other instances to boost their original toot to get more response

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In case y'all didn't hear, the Girl Scouts of America are now starting to give out Cyber security badges out that girls can earn while they learn to be the next best thing in tech.
Fuck yeah girls scouts.

Arguing for stuff like anti-DRM is pretty frustrating because you can give a good page-long argument and the other person is just like "but my convenience feetures and triple-A titles"

I may "win" the argument but it doesn't get the point across when they say something like "but if I lose all my games I can just pirate them"

@arx Interesting! As it happens, DigitalOcean just announced their object Storage and have an early access signup that grants 1TB free until the end of October. I'll definitely keep those other ones in mind though - thanks for the link!"I like you, as a programmer and a person")"You did it") Hmmmmm that looks like a good deal though. Especially if I want to start up my own Mastodon instance for my friends