@manjarolinux and @Beelinkofficial will be collaborating to sell #minipc's with Manjaro pre-installed. These models, U55, U57, GT-R will be sold with Manjaro Linux #Plasma. If you're interested, please follow also @Beelinkofficial for more information. #AMDryzen @planetkde #NUC

Original tweet : twitter.com/ManjaroLinux/statu

For $100 it is not a bad secondary laptop but the ARM CPU is rather slow.

MacBook running Linux or Pinebook running Linux? Why not both?

I ran PC-BSD years ago but since TrueOS and now Project Trident I can't even get it installed. Just boot Project Trident on an all Intel desktop and it won't even recognize the mouse. Guess I'll be sticking with Linux.

Multi-account containers is one of the best features of . How have no other browsers copied this?

@RexfordGTugwell I picture it like a horror movie where people keep finding the picture and can't resist tracking down and flipping the switch themselves.

Never even noticed this switch before but now I really want to flip it.


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