@dredmorbius @joeyh I think it's an app that takes photos at regular intervals. If the photos are converted to a video, it will create an illusion of time passing quickly.

@wezm I have done this kind of hacking a lot, replacing my old scripts with Rust one at a time.

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Noticed a road on the map named "Maybe Hollow"

As a haskell programmer, I both want to visit it, and fear coming around a bend in the road and finding Nothing.

@rick_777 This isn't surprising considering that Haruhi came up with the basis of time travel

@maweiwei 现在还记得马尾好像会做番茄炒蛋

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已经有点冷了, boinc 跑起来! 要不要加个渣 GPU 取暖呢?

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