@poga 我只联想到以后没有日立硬盘用了 :blobboing:

@SakuragawaAsaba @wzqtparor 无密码太不安全了吧, 其实常见的蓝牙适配器用的 csr 芯片支持 HID proxy, 也就是配对之后把配对信息写入硬件, 不过一般厂家都没有启用, 似乎只有苹果实现了在 uefi 下使用蓝牙键盘呢 (并不是给 uefi 内置蓝牙驱动)

@SakuragawaAsaba @wzqtparor @pockieswili@pawoo.net 支持 HID proxy 模式的 dongle 好难买到呢

@wezm I launch several instances of the same chat app in order to have multiple windows viewing multiple rooms. It's a bad workaround.

@wezm I'm using multiple accounts for concurrency

@liolok 现成的 TCP 实现不好找呐, 有 C 实现的 lwIP, 不过用起来不容易

刚写好的纯 Rust 网络库, 自带用户态 TCP 实现, 可以拿来直接处理 IP 流量, 并且对里面的 TCP 连接为所欲为 github.com/wzhd/ustcp

@bgme @sd YouTube: Mastodon, you are a deprecated browser

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Announcing airbreak, a toolkit to jailbreak inexpensive CPAP machines to turn them into emergency #COVID19 ventilators by unlocking all operational modes and allowing custom software extensions. airbreak.dev/

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Are you one of those people only using Facebook because it's where people invite you to events? Well, now's the perfect time to #DeleteFacebook.

"octopi"? actually, the plural is: octopuses

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