language misinformation 

@devurandom the British version doesn't ignore long vowels

@niconiconi It's hard to predict where M-←/→doesn't work

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正在寻找能识别手写字体的 ocr :ablobspin:

What if a designer learns to program?

@pcjustin e-ink 发展好慢, 多年前就有过彩色 e-ink 的消息

I see myself on the list for reporting one or two small issues years back :ablobowo:

@realyiyi 育碧内部有负责人反复一票否决刺客信条增加女性主角的企划, 并表示会减少销量

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"Culled mink rise from the dead to Denmark's horror" actual headline this morning #2020

@MindOverMatter 有些网站既有文本又有对应播客, 可以边听音频边看文本, 比如 aufs Ohr 是一个科技类的

@HanaF 播客音频没有被响度战争塑造?

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We had a breakthrough! Synapse can now horizontally scale across multiple Python processes, with message sending no longer going via the main proc. This has spectacularly improved perf on over the last few weeks🎉 Read all about it:

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Speech recognition kit Vosk has supported quick reconfiguration of the vocabulary at runtime, so the pronunciation or audio quality doesn't need to be perfect as the program will try to match the word with the most similar sound in the given list. This makes Vosk suitable for building anything that accepts voice commands.

Rust binding just updated this feature to support a phrase list instead of a word list . (Based on upstream commit:

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@poga 不光有 transcript, 而且每个人的发言都有时间戳的播客不常见呢. 没想到金融界对时间同步的要求已经是 100 微秒的级别了

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