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Oh hello... is that Synapse replicating data streams using Redis, paving the way to multi-master Synapse clustering for arbitrary horizontal scalability!?! 😍

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Taking a break from life to focus on my Mastodon account

@nebula_moe@nebula.moe 画质意外的好呢

@halcy @haskal somehow I think I'm seeing a fish somewhere in it

@poga /me 因为眼睛容易累大量听 podcast, 总比什么都没有好

@lucyli @nebula_moe@nebula.moe 我真是 high 到不行啊!

@leo_song "您可以将淋雨时间缩短到 60 秒", 是通过短时间淋雨代替洗澡嘛

Even worse, he has been looking into Dart

@Neo_Chen 不过考虑到 OLED 省电的特性, 屏幕保护终于可以推广到移动设备了, 不过为了省电, 养鱼屏保可能会向深海发展

@Neo_Chen @niconiconi 不过为什么不直接关闭显示器呢? 如果 CRT 不适合频繁开关的话, 相信 OLED 基本没这个问题

@PeterCxy It's not true spaghetti unless you sprinkle it with goto

Before clicking on the thumbnail, I thought it was the tool used to open SIM card slots

@PeterCxy I thought there was some oxidization going on here

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