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Noticed a road on the map named "Maybe Hollow"

As a haskell programmer, I both want to visit it, and fear coming around a bend in the road and finding Nothing.

已经有点冷了, boinc 跑起来! 要不要加个渣 GPU 取暖呢?


突然间多了一屏的新关注, 吓坏

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Petition for the new Star Trek to show an image of a computer screen where someone is still using fucking Emacs

kotlin 有些设计好奇怪

为什么默认 public 而不是 private

为什么 if 后面的 ( ) 不能省略 { }却能省略,这不是走 goto fail 的老路吗?虽然好像没有 goto


pawoo 客户端果然比 tusky 成熟好多呢

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Today I switched from Chromium to 53. It's the first version, that contains significant parts of the prototype resp. Project Quantum. Maybe it's just me, but it still feels faster than Chromium. Will test it for a while and decide if I stay with it.

@wenli 有雯丽姐的话,预感 Mastodon 会流行呢

i had to handpick a list of Twitter accounts to follow to get an interesting timeline. But on octodon i get it out-of-the-box


Octodon is a nice general purpose instance. more