Tom Hanks 最小的孩子楚門·漢克(1995年生)受 numberphile 影响已经变成斯坦福数学 bachelor 了 :ablobowo:

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才发现 octodon 把 pawoo 整个屏蔽了 :ablobspin:

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I couldn't afford a database so I've been using Pastebin to store user data as CSV.

Poi? Actually, the singular is Pous.

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"Excuse me, I am a time traveler but my machine malfunctioned, so I'm not sure when I am."
"It's 2020."
"Which year of 2020?"
"What do you mean?"
"Ah, so this must be the first year of 2020."
"Oh. Damn."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Who called it VS Code and not Work From Chrome

You are contributing to communism if your code does not make use of the idea of ownership and borrowing

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When you really think about it, it's like we are living in a cyberpunk dystopia right now, but without the cool things like neon lights and synthwave

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writing go is like trying to have a philosophical discussion in toki pona

据说不少动物幼崽在晃动的环境更容易入睡, 因为被携带比被放在地上更安全, 所以换一支会摇晃的床会不会缓解失眠呢 :blobuwu:

原来觉得夏天完全不该用除湿机, 热空气排到室内, 完全浪费了制冷能力。然而低温空气吹过压缩机, 压缩机可以做更少的功

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