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"Culled mink rise from the dead to Denmark's horror" actual headline this morning #2020

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We had a breakthrough! Synapse can now horizontally scale across multiple Python processes, with message sending no longer going via the main proc. This has spectacularly improved perf on over the last few weeks🎉 Read all about it:

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Speech recognition kit Vosk has supported quick reconfiguration of the vocabulary at runtime, so the pronunciation or audio quality doesn't need to be perfect as the program will try to match the word with the most similar sound in the given list. This makes Vosk suitable for building anything that accepts voice commands.

Rust binding just updated this feature to support a phrase list instead of a word list . (Based on upstream commit:

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Tom Hanks 最小的孩子楚門·漢克(1995年生)受 numberphile 影响已经变成斯坦福数学 bachelor 了 :ablobowo:

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才发现 octodon 把 pawoo 整个屏蔽了 :ablobspin:

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I couldn't afford a database so I've been using Pastebin to store user data as CSV.

Poi? Actually, the singular is Pous.

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"Excuse me, I am a time traveler but my machine malfunctioned, so I'm not sure when I am."
"It's 2020."
"Which year of 2020?"
"What do you mean?"
"Ah, so this must be the first year of 2020."
"Oh. Damn."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Who called it VS Code and not Work From Chrome

You are contributing to communism if your code does not make use of the idea of ownership and borrowing

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When you really think about it, it's like we are living in a cyberpunk dystopia right now, but without the cool things like neon lights and synthwave

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