as seen on reddit. transcribed:

> > > > I paint roads and runways... I'm at work right now... on my own holiday.
> > > Thank you for your service (gold x 2)
> > Yes, guild the guy who says thanks. Not the guy who does the work (gold x 1)
> This is the perfect metaphor for capitalism.

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Super happy that someone owns and did the right thing.

I bring you: the splayd, utensil of the future.

🍴 πŸ₯„

@js0000 Yes! Feeling super overwhelmed by social media so I've radically changed how I interact with it now. It doesn't help me at all that Mastodon got so busy as of late.

Tinkering with my studio and hope to make more music in the fall when it gets cooler β˜€οΈ πŸ’¦ ♨️

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i'm not going to be checking in as often as i used to. and, this got too busy to read anywhere near everything you all say.

if you want me to notice something in particular you will need to @-mention me.

Cross-lined Wave Moth waving hello from behind a sprig of clover.

@lmorchard I think we'd do better to recreate forum 3000. :D

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