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remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter
oPPS(0) .PPS. 0 l 12 16 377 0.000 0.003 0.006

@wowaname Then I'm asking you not to push me, please :)

@wowaname not everyone moves at the same pace.

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ntp compiles very, very slowly on a Raspberry Pi "A" 1.0.

hell, autoconf for ntp took nearly half an hour itself.

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@Doppio oh noes :( stay safe out there

@Purism Would love to see weekly updates - is anyone able to pull together key highlights for those who are interested, but don't have time to volunteer more deeply?

@lizardsquid gotcha. I'll think about it more.

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Today we went going for a bit of tourism and we saw those two cuties together :blobaww:
The little one has the biggest ears 🐰


#cat #cats #gato #gatos #chat #chats #catsOfMastodon #mastoCats #mastoGatos

@nev oh wow, i didn't know you walked your cat! how awesome.

@Doppio now, is that pronounced:

rad-ih-culls (like radical!)


rad-ih-klees (like hercules!)

? :eyethink:

@plibbity ah ok :) sorry, i'll pass...good luck on finding a buyer!